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Level 4

  • L - Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents
  • L03 - Immunostimulants
  • L03A - Cytokines and immunomodulators
  • L03AX - Other immunostimulants

  • L03AX01 - Lentinan
  • L03AX02 - Roquinimex
  • L03AX03 - BCG Vaccine
  • L03AX04 - Pegademase
  • L03AX05 - Pidotimod
  • L03AX07 - Poly I:C
  • L03AX08 - Poly IClC
  • L03AX09 - Thymopentin
  • L03AX10 - Immunocyanin
  • L03AX11 - Tasonermin
  • L03AX12 - Melanoma Vaccine
  • L03AX13 - Glatiramer Acetate
  • L03AX14 - Histamine Dihydrochloride
  • L03AX15 - Mifamurtide
  • L03AX16 - Plerixafor
  • L03AX17 - Sipuleucel-T


    10 Apr 2014, 04:46
    I went to school with bob and Jody. Jody and I were very good frindes. I live in Arizona now and have been trying to reach Jody, having just found out about Bob's condition. Please let Jody and bob know the whole family are in my thoughts and prayers.
    10 Apr 2014, 11:04
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    12 Apr 2014, 13:17
    “Cathexis” is the word Freud used to describe what you are<a href="http://wrdojpflzoe.com"> takilng</a> about. He viewed it as the libidinal energy we invest in people, objects or ideas. Since we have finite amounts of energy, if we become fixated on one object (e.g. a piano) we have less energy available to invest elsewhere. On the other hand, he believed if we invest no energy in something we will have no mental representation or memory of the person, object or idea. When I think of the oak roll top secretary that sits in our living room it holds tremendous significance for me because, as a young boy, I would sit by it in my grandparent’s home and play checkers on its corner with my grandfather. I seldom walk past it now without recalling those happy memories of him destroying me in checkers and then humbly suggesting to me, with a wink and smile, that it was only good luck. To you, it probably seems like just an old piece of furniture. To me, it is a piece of the very fabric of my being.We both have a cathexis with your piano and, of course, with each other. I suppose that is why gifts always have strings attached, though sometimes they are invisible to both parties until the light catches it just right. We all invest some part of our “self” in things. It is one reason I think what you are writing about is so important and resonates with so many people. When we lose those things we lose a part of our self and with loss comes grief. Yet, to not invest any part of ourself into the people or things around us leaves us a life without meaning. Like any investment, finding the balance between risk and reward is the trick. It’s important to not give ourself to something we can’t live without; but, to refuse to give ourself to anything is to not really live at all.
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