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Trade name of the product:
Pharmaceutical active ingredients:
  • Triclabendazole
  • Available forms, composition and doses of Egaten:
  • Tablets; Oral; Triclabendazole 250 mg
  • Medical categories:
  • Human:
  • Anthelmintics
  • Benzimidazoles
  • Indications and usages, anatomical therapeutic chemical and diseases classification codes:
  • P02BX04 - Triclabendazole
  • Pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, researchers, developers, local distributors and suppliers:
  • Novartis
  • Find online pharmacy, drugstore, pharma or beauty shop where to order or buy Egaten brand or generic online:

  • Buy Egaten online

  • Comments

    02 Oct 2008, 03:21
    please send me when you have a egaten thanks
    raffaella riso
    06 Jan 2009, 13:32
    Sir, I live in Italy and I am in the urgent need to buy EGATEN .
    Please let me know if it is possible and how (doctor written letter or similar as example)
    thank you please call if you can
    +39. 349 6908766
    raffaella riso
    06 Jan 2009, 13:43
    Hi raffaella,
    You can:
    1) contact directly with Egaten manufacturer novartis.it/util/contatti.shtml
    2) try to buy any other generic of Egaten tablets 250 mg drugs-about.com/ing/triclabendazole.html
    for example good known Fasinex
    3) use search engines to find Triclabendazole tablets 250 mg - a few online shops have this drug.
    01 Jul 2009, 12:59
    Please need urgent help in obtaining Egaten drug for my little sister in Grenada who was confirmed having liver fluke. She has been very unwell and this drug cannot be found in any of the chemist on the island or neighbouring islands. Please can you let me know where I can purchase this drug to preserve the health of my sister.
    Kind regards,
    Carla Waterman
    10 Sep 2009, 20:46
    We have been used Triclabendazole for treatment of pulmonary paragonimiasis in Ecuador eight years ago. However, at the moment, we can not get this drug.
    Could you help us informing how and where we can buy Egaten (triclabendazole), because we usually have patients infected with Paragonimus.
    Many thanks in advance
    11 Oct 2009, 09:32
    Sell egaten 250mg - Triclabendazole
    dr Chieu
    09 Dec 2009, 23:46
    Hello. Help to get please medical product EGATEN (Triklabendazole), it is very necessary for treatment фасциолёза. A condition very bad. In Russia there is no such preparation. Many thanks in advance.
    Dmitry Emeliyanov
    14 Dec 2009, 04:08
    Hello. Help to get please medical product Egaten (Triklabendazole)
    Thank you.
    Maged Wahba
    26 Dec 2009, 02:50
    Please, i need Egaten Tablets badly for Facioliasis, inform me on E- mail if you know any pharmacy online have it or any other way.
    Maged Wahba
    18 Feb 2010, 06:49
    I sell Egaten 250mg Triclabendazole
    Enywhere in the wolrd.
    contact me: bschieu@gmail.com
    Yahoo chat: voducchieu@yahoo.com
    faruk ateş
    16 Jul 2010, 11:53
    hi my name is nezir it was me tolk whit you a the phone mr chieu i need your help and my sister she so sick and we triclabendazole 250 mg tablet i whiş you can help us i wait you forward your answer please answer me and help me fast howe is possible...
    23 Jul 2010, 20:57
    Iwill send Egaten soon.
    cell phone: +84982950506
    D. Cliffe
    19 Aug 2010, 15:02
    Looking to buy a course of Egaten 250mg, please email with details, thank you!
    Dr Chieu
    19 Aug 2010, 17:02
    You must give me your Email to contact.
    or send an email to me bschieu@gmail.com
    I will send Egaten to you soon.
    Dr Chieu
    Dr Chieu
    23 Aug 2010, 04:50
    Hi D.cliffe!
    You must give me email to send details of Egante.
    02 Nov 2010, 05:33
    I Sell Egaten (For Human use)
    Egaten manufactrurers by Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, Switzerland.
    You can buy Egaten - Triclabendazole online
    You can obtain egaten/ triclabendazole
    cell phone: +84982950506
    yarlebis alfaro
    25 Nov 2010, 06:37
    necesito urgente el medicamento de egaten como lo consiguo y donde soy de venezuela tengo una fasciola hepatica necesito respuesta urgente gracias
    yarlebis alfaro
    25 Nov 2010, 06:40
    yarlebisalfaro@hotmail.com ese es mi correo por favor necesito respuesta
    Chieu - Egaten
    25 Nov 2010, 07:29
    Estimado yarlebis alfaro!
    Vendo Egaten.
    Revise su correo electrónico

    06 Dec 2010, 15:30
    Hello Mr. Chieu. How soon would you send egaten? And how much did it costs?

    e-mail: thomi1994@gmx.de

    Thank you
    Chieu - Egaten
    06 Dec 2010, 18:36
    Dear Mike!
    Check your email please
    31 Jan 2011, 07:57
    Hello. Help to get please medical product EGATEN (Triklabendazole), it is very necessary for my father. A condition very bad. In Ukraine there is no such preparation. Many thanks in advance.
    Chieu - Egaten - Triclabendazole
    31 Jan 2011, 10:51
    I sent to your email.
    Please check your mail
    Chieu - Egaten - Triclabendazole
    31 Jan 2011, 12:49
    Dear Myroslav!
    You can contact me anytime
    chat online: voducchieu@yahoo.com
    or call: +84982950506
    04 Mar 2011, 12:07
    Hello Mr chien
    would be nice if you tell us more about Egaten.
    Thank you for your service helping so many.
    I heard many good things from you helping some friends of mine.
    God bless you!
    04 Mar 2011, 13:44
    Are You Maria Pat?
    I sent email to you.
    lurdes pereira
    17 Mar 2011, 21:05
    necessito de egaten para omeu marido obrigad
    18 Mar 2011, 02:18
    Dear Lurdes Pereira.

    email to me: bschieu@gmail.com

    Phone: +84982950506

    Dr Chieu
    Maksad Zahidov
    23 Mar 2011, 21:30
    Good evening, Dr Chieu!!!
    My name is Maksad. I`m a student of 7-th course of Medical Institute in Uzbekistan. 7 years ago I`ve been infected with fasciola hepatica (I drunk dirty water in company of cows, sheeps and frogs because of the unquenchable thirst at that moment), but I de-tected it just a month ago. During last years, after influence, my health becoming very poor. I think that you`re already informed about all symtoms of fasciolasis (the clinic picture is classical). After I read a lot about this desease. I was very surprised, when I re-alized that I cannot get necessary drugs (Triclabendasole – Egaten (250 mg) or Praziquantel – Biltricide (600 mg)) not only in my Country but in whole Central Asia!!! Then I was forced to turn to my relatives in Europe and Russia. If you remember few days ago my brother Nodir Normatov from London contacted with you and ordered one pack of Egaten (12 tabs) and sent it to me by mail (DHL). At the same time I`ve got 6 packs (36 tabs) Praziquantel, too. In addition to them It`s available for me to get the Albendasole (300 mg and 400 mg tabs) at local chemists, too, but I haven’t bought it yet… So, you may consider that I have all necessary arse-nal of meds and resources for treatment. So, now I have a couple questions for you. I need to consult with you about calculating a dose of drugs due to my condition. My weight is 68 kg. Asthenic body type. I have granular degeneration of the liver, dyskinesia of biliary tract, minor changes of the pancreas, poor appetite, neurasthenia, NCD, physic and emotional overloadings and etc. Now I`m taking cholosas, zopiclone, metronidasole, multivitamins and pancreatin 25000,(for improving my digestion), otherwise I have many problems with my health in general. But my health is still poor… Please, describe the detailed drug schedule and a required diet for the treatment. Many experienced people say that, I need to combine them with each other (probably for getting synergism) and take them with 40g of fatty meal. What does it mean in details and how can I calculate all of these things? If it`s possible, please, reply me soon. Only after your recommendations I`ll be able to begin the treatment. Because you can`t imagine how was difficult for me to get these drugs!!! Now my convalescence depens only on You!!!

    With respect, Maksad.
    Dr Chieu
    24 Mar 2011, 00:15
    Dear Maksad!
    Check your mail please!
    Dr Chieu
    20 Apr 2011, 16:47
    What for this Egaten is? Please explain.
    20 Apr 2011, 16:50
    Is it so problematic to buy it in local pharmacy? how much is it cost?
    Dr Chieu
    20 Apr 2011, 17:36
    Dear Metis!
    You must give me email to contact.
    Or send email to me: bschieu@gmail.com

    I Sell Egaten (For Human use)
    Egaten manufacturers by Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, Switzerland.
    Dr Chieu
    21 Apr 2011, 06:40
    Dear Metis!
    Contact me bschieu@gmail.com
    ceylan yıldız
    19 May 2011, 11:55
    Sir,I live in Turkey.Im a teacher of english.Ineed to buy EGATEN urgently.My mother is so sick please help me and answer me as quickly as possible. Ihavent got any time to wait
    Dr Chieu
    19 May 2011, 13:26
    You must give me email to contact
    Dr Chieu
    24 May 2011, 11:26
    Hi Dr. Chieu

    I have sent email to you from my gmail ID. Waiting for your reply, thanks.
    mona sedeek
    02 Aug 2011, 17:49
    please i need egaten how can i get on it
    Dr Chieu
    02 Aug 2011, 18:15
    I had sent email to you bschieu@gmail.com
    17 Aug 2011, 16:57
    hallo, ich wohne in München und brauche sofort Egaten 250 mg. wo kann ich kaufen? oder gibt es rezept für diese Medikament? bitte schreiben mir antwort. vielen dank
    Dr Chieu
    17 Aug 2011, 17:17
    Dear Eka!
    Give me your Email.
    Dr. Chieu

    Sehr geehrte Eka!
    Geben Sie mir Ihre E-Mail.
    Dr. Chieu
    Dr Chieu
    17 Aug 2011, 17:32
    Sehr geehrte Eka!
    Geben Sie mir Ihre E-Mail.
    Kontakt meine E-Mail: bschieu@gmail.com
    Telefon: +84982950506
    Dr. Chieu
    05 Sep 2011, 21:16
    please send the information regarding the payment method and delivery to Russia or to UAE( i live in UAE, my mother lives in Russia), i need for my mother Egaten total 1000mg
    thank you Elena
    05 Sep 2011, 21:18
    17 Sep 2011, 13:23
    Guten Tag
    Dringend brauche ich das Medikament Egaten 250 mg für einen Freund - wo kann dieses bezogen werden?
    Freundliche Grüsse
    Dr Chieu
    17 Sep 2011, 15:30
    Give me email to contact
    Gib mir per E-Mail zu kontaktieren
    phone +84982950506
    Ritu Karwasra
    17 Dec 2011, 11:16
    Respected Sir,
    I am studing at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kurukshetra university, Kurkshetra. I Would like to say that, i want pure Aliskerin drug for my research project. So, I kindly request you to provide me the same as soon as possible.
    Dr Chieu
    17 Dec 2011, 16:49
    give me your email to contact
    Parasites drug
    01 Sep 2012, 18:16
    I sell many kind of Parasite drug.
    The best quality only.
    contact me: bschieu@gmail.com
    phone: +84982950506
    19 Feb 2013, 05:46
    Help plush!! We are from Russia .... me, my husband and the child is very bad ... we are sick of fascioliasis, we urgently need a drug EGATEN (triclabendazole) for a man!! How urgent do you order ...?
    19 Feb 2013, 05:48
    DR Chieu
    19 Feb 2013, 05:57
    I sent Email to you
    12 Apr 2013, 16:48
    Помогите!!! купить лекарство EGATEN (триклабендазол) для человека, мой e-mail - hfbcf2@rambler.ru
    DR Chieu
    18 Jun 2013, 11:25
    I sent Egaten to you
    14 Jul 2013, 21:45
    I must have egaten soon as possible for my aunt can I order from you?
    14 Jul 2013, 21:46
    pleasss help me....
    DR Chieu
    15 Jul 2013, 02:52
    Please give me your email
    phone; +84982950506
    22 Aug 2013, 08:26
    сообщите мне пожалуста как у вас купить Егатен и сколько стоит на мой вес 105 кг у меня опестрахоз. пишите сюда elenaskokova-86@mail.ru
    23 Sep 2013, 13:15
    Здравствуйте! Помогите,пожалуйста! Мне нужен Егатен, мой вес 63 кг. Как приобрести? Пишите сюда richie.nastya@mail.ru
    Hello! Help, please!Opisthorchis felineus. I need Egaten, my weight 63 kg. How do I buy? Write here richie.nastya @ mail.ru
    23 Oct 2013, 19:36
    здраствуйте!очень нужен egaten-250 для людей,помогите информацией please!буду очень презнателен.
    23 Oct 2013, 19:42
    desant.max@mail.ru help me please!
    DR Chieu
    23 Oct 2013, 20:25
    I Reply all your email.
    Please check your email.
    Dr Chieu
    01 Nov 2013, 20:25
    Hello I need EGATEN. How much it costs and how much you need for one course.
    my weight is 80 kg.
    01 Nov 2013, 20:37
    my mail: sterh.mv@gmail.com
    31 Jan 2014, 18:31
    me pueden ayudar necesito comprar egaten para mi mare
    DR Chieu
    31 Jan 2014, 18:33
    You must give me your email
    DR Chieu
    31 Jan 2014, 18:37
    Debes darme su correo electrónico
    17 Feb 2014, 19:42
    Здравствуйте!Мистер Chien.Мне нужна помоч .Куплю egaten.3 упаковки на 3 человек заболевших.какова цена за 1 упаковку.
    DR Chieu
    18 Feb 2014, 02:25
    Вы должны дать мне вашу электронную почту
    Я могу отправить его в Россию
    14 Mar 2014, 00:03
    Hello I need EGATEN. How much it costs and how much you need for one course.
    my weight is 87 kg.
    write here : spectralex@rambler.ru
    dr Chieu
    15 Mar 2014, 09:32
    I sent information to your email : spectralex@rambler.ru
    Альбина бакиева
    17 Mar 2014, 16:48
    Helloy.Mne need Egaten My weight 56 kg. Kg.Doch Sister 50 48 kg.Skolko Egatena I need? Payment immediately or when Egatena? How much money will it cost? How much time will go a cure?
    Альбина бакиева
    17 Mar 2014, 17:01
    My e-mail address alya.bakieva.72@mail.ru
    02 Apr 2014, 11:04
    hi, my doctor suggest me getting Egaten 250 mg drugs. But I can't find it in my country. Could you give me any information about how I can get it and how much it costs?
    dr Chieu
    02 Apr 2014, 12:28
    I sent infomation to your email Mustafa
    03 Jun 2014, 06:45
    Здравствуйте!Мистер Chien.Мне нужна помощь .Куплю egaten.3 упаковки на 3 человек заболевших.какова цена за 1 упаковку.
    Мой адрес trasser64@mail.ru
    25 Jun 2014, 18:34
    Мистер Chien.
    Как мне лечить описторхоз EGATEN и сколько стоит лекарство.
    25 Jun 2014, 18:40
    Мистер Chien.
    Как мне лечить описторхоз EGATEN и сколько стоит лекарство. vadim.kuznet@gmail.com
    25 Jun 2014, 18:47
    За ранее спасибо.
    С уважением Валдим
    DR Chieu
    27 Jun 2014, 13:29
    I have got Lesaxys - Triclabendazole very good for описторхоз
    Check your email
    DR Chieu
    27 Jun 2014, 13:40
    Dear Vadim!
    I have got Lesaxys - Triclabendazole very good for описторхоз
    Check your email
    03 Aug 2014, 11:29
    Doctor Chien! Your help, in treatment описторхоза is necessary to me. My weight of 90 kilograms. Lesaxys of 10 tablets in 3 receptions within 1 day was treated. While treatment inefficient. I want to try Egaten. How to pick up a dose?
    Yours faithfully Yury.
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