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Trade name of the product:
Euro D 10000
Pharmaceutical active ingredients:
  • Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
  • Available forms, composition and doses of Euro D 10000:
  • Capsules; Oral; Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 10,000 units
  • Medical categories:
  • Human:
  • Vitamin supplements / mineral supplements
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Indications and usages, anatomical therapeutic chemical and diseases classification codes:
  • A11CC05 - Colecalciferol
  • Pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, researchers, developers, local distributors and suppliers:
  • Euro-Pharm International Canada
  • Find online pharmacy, drugstore, pharma or beauty shop where to order or buy Euro D 10000 brand or generic online:

  • Buy Euro D 10000 online

  • Comments

    Bassam Salem
    24 Jan 2010, 02:16
    I need to buy Euro D 10000, I want to know the price and from where I can got it?
    nada hachem
    08 Mar 2010, 06:40
    i want to know the price and if i can buy it in lebanon
    Ola Baroudi
    14 Apr 2010, 07:16
    Is Euro D 10000 vitamin available in gulf pharmacies in 50000 mg capsuls?
    omayra ashkar
    29 Sep 2010, 03:58
    hello mrs hachem there is euro D 10000 in lebanon I bought it from few days by 21761 LL take care
    t fayad
    24 Nov 2010, 00:19
    my Dr. gave 4 one month euroD 10000 any side effect causes from this medicen and wen is beter 2 take it morning noon or night pls can i know exactly wat is the use of it thx
    Walid Damouny
    13 Dec 2010, 22:20
    I bought PrEuro-D 10 000 Vitamin D capsules in Lebanon for 20'000 LBP from a pharmacy in Dbayeh located on the road behind Le Royal Hotel.

    The official website says that it is available in 60 capsule container only but the one that I bought is 30 capsules. I am worried that it might be fake.
    17 Jan 2011, 13:18
    I find it in a couple of pharmacies at around 22,000LL.
    27 Jan 2011, 15:43

    Who is the local agent of EURO D products in Beirut - Lebanon

    How many tablet and price .

    Thank you
    29 Jan 2011, 00:28
    I would like to know whether this medicine euro D 10,000 is available in France! If this is the case in what name it is commercialized??
    nada hajjar
    29 Jan 2011, 13:26
    I would like to know if there is any side effects of taking euro d 10000
    04 Feb 2011, 17:46
    je veux savoir pourquoi on prend EURO d 10000

    07 Feb 2011, 12:46
    My grandma recently bought a 30 capsule container in Beirut, Lebanon. Since the website says that its only available in 60 capsule containers, i am also worried it might be fake. Anyway i would also like to know what the side-effects are because she started feeling nauseous and fatigued. I'm not sure its because of this drug, which is why i'd like to know if anyone is experiencing the same thing. Thanks.
    07 Feb 2011, 15:01
    For those that had the same question i did regarding side-effects, here are a few links that i found very helpful:

    http://www.easy-immune-health.com/magnesium-and-vitamin-d.html#axzz1DGiVsPv D


    My understanding from the research is that high doses of vitamin d especially without magnesium will usually lead to several side-effects. The links above mention the ideal dosages depending on age, sex, etc. But what i also understood is that 10,000 IU per day is a very high dosage and very few ppl require this amount, therefore please be careful with your dosages as it might lead to many aggravating side-effects.
    Walid Damouny
    08 Feb 2011, 01:42

    I've been taking one tablet of Euro D 10'000 weekly from the first little jar I bought and then bought my second jar and started taking two tablets every week. I don't have any symptoms at all and I plan on maintaining my two-tablets-a-week dose mainly because I stay indoors a lot and hardly ever stand in direct sunlight.
    18 Feb 2011, 14:20
    hello, i had the Euro D 10000 30 cap jar for 22612LL. my doctor asked me to take it once weekly. i started it last sunday, i didn't have any side effects yet, i don't know if there is any?
    05 Mar 2011, 12:19
    Please let me know what are the side effects are possible, if this medicen is used with out any reason.
    Walid Damouny
    07 Mar 2011, 14:41

    This is a vitamin for people with weak bones among other medical issues. It is also given to people who don't get it in the sun much because vitamin D is very important for immunity and seasonal mood as well.
    Hoda Nasr
    12 Jun 2011, 16:10
    Comment on utilise Euro D 10000?
    Et la periode de Traitement?
    29 Jul 2011, 08:20
    I found this page while searching on the side effects of Euro D 10000....
    I bought it at the begining of this week and as per the advice of the Dr. I should be taking it once per day for the first week and then twice per week for the rest of the treatment....the advice came after taking a blood test and came up with 24.66 (whereas the normal was between 30 and 80)

    Actually, i started feeling thirsty always....and dryness always....

    in addition to another abdominal pains...

    Im planing on stopping it...and spending a daily 30 min in the sun with a seafood diet!!!!! would it be better?!!!
    12 Aug 2011, 13:33
    i started euro 10000 several days ago and i didnt feel any side effects,but i read about vit d that it is a fat soluble vitamin and any drugs that prevents fat absorption affects the uptake of this vit,and taking high amounts of vit d with vit c can cause stones,so be carefull
    25 Aug 2011, 08:21
    For what we use to take Euro D
    Godaiva Dilanji
    06 Sep 2011, 14:50
    for what we use to take Euro D
    16 Sep 2011, 14:42
    I started euro D10000 tab 3 days ago to be repeated weekly ,I noticed the urine colour became yellow eaben after taking alot of water ,is that normal please Iam worried about it?
    dania diab
    16 Dec 2011, 04:19
    would like to know if i can buy vitamin D 10000 in australia.
    10 Jan 2012, 16:55
    Yes, you can buy it in Australia, Ask any pharmacist and they will make it for you, it is a bit expensive in Australia ($60.00 for 100 tablets).
    ali abbas
    03 Aug 2013, 21:36
    please let me know anything about side effects of euro d 10000 ,if there are any. best regards
    26 Jun 2014, 19:37
    hello, does anyone know the type of gelatin used in euro d 10000 cause i get asked this question a lot. i would appreciate any help
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