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Trade name of the product:
Pharmaceutical active ingredients:
  • Calcium (Calcium Hypophosphite)
  • Cobalt (Cobalt Sulfate)
  • Iron (Ferrous Hypophosphite)
  • Malt
  • Manganese (Manganese Hypophosphite)
  • Sodium Hypophosphite
  • Vitamin A (Retinol)
  • Vitamin D
  • Available forms, composition and doses of Ketamalt:
  • Solution; Oral; Calcium (Calcium Hypophosphite) 270 mg; Cobalt (Cobalt Sulfate) 32 mg; Iron (Ferrous Hypophosphite) 68 mg; Malt 15.75 g; Manganese (Manganese Hypophosphite) 68 mg; Sodium Hypophosphite 550 mg; Vitamin A (Retinol) 6, 000 units; Vitamin D 1, 500 units / 30 ml
  • Medical categories:
  • Veterinary; Pet Meds:
  • Cattle
  • Sheep / Lamb
  • Indications and usages, anatomical therapeutic chemical and diseases classification codes:
  • A11JB - Vitamins with minerals
  • Pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, researchers, developers, local distributors and suppliers:
  • Bimeda-MTC Animal Health
  • MTC Pharmaceuticals
  • Find online pharmacy, drugstore, pharma or beauty shop where to order or buy Ketamalt brand or generic online:

  • Buy Ketamalt online

  • Comments

    forseth, sally
    29 Feb 2008, 22:20
    I am treating a five year old pregnant ewe with Ketamalt and glycol-P. started today with 120ml twice on the glycol-p and 80ml twice with the ketamalt.
    I think I am too late in treating the ewe for toxemia.
    Is there any harm is giving both products at the same time?
    If the ewe does not pull through the night it will be four days of not eating. .
    Would appriciate any tips or experience in doing more for this ewe.
    I don't know her due date. She is in the last two weeks or so of pregnancy.
    thank you, Sally
    03 Mar 2008, 05:34
    It's unlikely that using both products at the same time may do any harm because these medicines contain only vitamins, minerals and propylene glycol.
    sally forseth
    03 Mar 2008, 07:51
    Good morning Jeremy,
    Thank you for email.
    The ewe died. Doug and I cut her open to find four lambs. Two about 10lbs, two smaller about 5or6lbs.
    When we think back and over. It is my error in not treating her with the Glycol and ketamalt two days earlier. She was mint condition tues eve. Wed am off her feed. I was lead to believe she was due any day.
    I feel horrible and wish that I could turn back time. We could have put her out of misery sooner.
    The two bigger lambs could have come out a few days ago but the smaller two looked like they had aways to go. The third one had no eyes. They all smelled the same. The ewe did not have a temp earlier. We will never know but my guess is her little body could not support four lives inside her.
    The other two ewes have done it on their own. supporting perfect lambs on their own. I have one more Suffolk to go. She is a first time lamb. don't know her date. But will not take my eyes off her. The latest for her will be end of March.
    She is big and strong.
    07 May 2008, 09:51
    Looking for the address and phone & fax number for MTC Pharmaceuticals for our suppliers list.
    Thank you
    Andrea Hill
    14 Jul 2008, 09:29
    Could you please send me the address for MTC Pharmaceuticals web page and a way to contact them (preferably their email address).
    Thank you,
    09 Nov 2008, 01:02
    I found info on the Clinicide product from MTC Pharmaceuticals on this website: http://www.bimedamtc.com
    but the email address listed does not work. I sent an email and it came back to me saying 'not found'.
    Wm.J. Smith
    19 Aug 2009, 00:54
    Is Ketamalt (Veterinary Use Only) any value to mature horses?
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