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Trade name of the product:
Pharmaceutical active ingredients:
  • Amoxicillin
  • Available forms, composition and doses of Moxymax:
  • N / A
  • Medical categories:
  • Human:
  • Aminopenicillins
  • Penicillins
  • Indications and usages, anatomical therapeutic chemical and diseases classification codes:
  • J01CA04 - Amoxicillin
  • Pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, researchers, developers, local distributors and suppliers:
  • Pfizer
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  • Comments

    Lizette Saaiman
    12 May 2011, 13:23
    I would like to know if I can drink Moxymax 500 is I am allergic, to aspirin, voltaren, penisilien.
    Merilyn Meyer
    20 May 2011, 18:11
    i am 7 months pregnant and was given moxymax 250 medication.i would like to know if it is safe for me to take monymax 250 and will it not harm the baby?
    ray boucher
    31 May 2011, 19:57
    May I have my whisky 3 hrs. After taking moxypan
    Billy Bharath
    22 Jun 2011, 11:18
    I had severe pains in the centre part of my chest area, with uncomfortable heartburn. Being a South African Indian, my eating habits probably contributed (Spices and stuff). After ECG and Xrays and full blood tests no abnormalities was found. The GP suspected it maybe some sort of infection Pneumonia/Bronchitis.He prescribed Moxymax and paracetamol. After 2 weeks the heartpain has subsided. however the heartburn pay the occasional visit. I have been advised to take Nexium for the Hearburn. My question, can i use Moxymax with Nexium or other recommended medication
    20 Jul 2011, 19:59
    I am 6 weeks pregnant and I am taking moxymax 500 3 times a day. I need to know if it is safe for my baby?
    15 Aug 2011, 12:05
    hi i had a pain in my bladder for a week and had a yellow discharge which is watery, so i went to the clinic and took a pregnancy test i found out that i might be pregnant but the test was not clear as the second line is not clear so they gave me moxymax is it safe for me to take it?
    sandra nkosi
    30 Sep 2011, 23:56
    Hello I had a discharge and was given moxymax 500g to take 2 capsules after every 3 hours I am 24 weeks pregnant and fear that it might affect my baby. I have had diarrhea the whole day today please advice if its normal for me to take them as prescribes 2 capsules after 3 hours? I thought 2 capsules 3 times a day would be a much normal dosage.
    19 Oct 2011, 00:12
    I am having piles and they r coming out of my anal walls and there is a severe pain when I go to the toilet.I am starting to develop a swolen pimple on my left bum.the doctor gave me Moxymax 250,auro-amoxiclav 375 mg pain block,liquid paraffin B.P and ibruprofen 400mg.I suspect I have piles.will the treatment help.
    20 Oct 2011, 17:17
    I'm six weeks pregnant and they gave me moxymax sf 250mg i want to know if is safe for me and my baby?
    13 Nov 2011, 20:23
    I have abnormally large amount of thick white non-smelling discharge and my vagina is inflammed after 5days of taking moxymax 1g 3times a day4 5days. Is this normal? Is there a link between the discharge/inflammation n the pills?
    18 Nov 2011, 13:00
    Hi am 2months pregnant and i'm bleeding along with an abnormal pain,i went to the clinic and i was given moxymax 250 so i want to know if it is safe for the baby
    25 Nov 2011, 17:36
    hi, i have cellulitis on my leg will moxymax250 help
    27 Nov 2011, 23:32
    Hi my son is 5 and weighs about 20 kg. He has mouth sores,fever and and ear infection. He was given 250mg of moxymax to take 5ml 8 hourly. He isn't improving should I increase the dose to 10ml 8 hourly? Please advise.
    Rose Mndebele
    20 Dec 2011, 13:54
    I have been given moxymax 250mg, which i have to take 2 capsules every 3 hours. I am 20 weeks pregnant and i don't know how many i should take per day. Please help
    03 Jan 2012, 10:00
    I am 17 weeks pregnant and i went to the clinic and they gave me moxymax 500mg. Is it safe for my child?
    03 Jan 2012, 14:59
    is it ok to take moxymax 250mg daily - dosage 2 capsules 3 times a day. I weigh over 60kg and have throat and chest infection
    23 Jan 2012, 15:14
    Hi there I am 15 weeks pregnant and have been given moxymax 500mg I would like to know if it can harm my baby in any way?
    24 Jan 2012, 22:00
    hi,i am 8 months pregnant n my water breaks,the doctor gave me moxymax 500 and bio-metronidazole 400 so i want 2 knw if they wont harm my baby?
    25 Jan 2012, 23:23
    Hie am 8weeks pg 2day. Bt i found out @ in the morning smthng was coming out on my vigina like yello,brown discharge. Went to the clinic they gv me 250g of moxymax so i jus wan2 fnd it out iz t saf 2 tke thanx
    26 Jan 2012, 10:58
    Hey am currently on a 3 month injection and using moxymax,i want to know if it wont affect my injection in anyway
    26 Jan 2012, 13:05
    Hie all.am worid abt my pg.the first gp gt msc at abt 3mnths. Naw am 8wks pg. Bt i dnt have any smptms of pg,was bleeding yellow/brwn dscharge tym to tyme on my pains and hav sm pain on my lowerabdmn and my back. My stomach so soft and flat, my brest ws tendr at first bt naw they ar ok. Gt apetyt of all kinds of food' .went to the dctr he gv me sme moxymax tblts 1 aftr 3hrs so am scard it gna ham my bby.bsids tho is it posibl to loos al yo pg smptmz during yo pregnt? Help plz am very yang 25yez ths is my first bby.luck 2 u al pg mum's mwaa
    18 Jun 2012, 18:26
    I want to know if moxymax can help with back pains
    19 Jun 2012, 01:20
    @kgopo yep it cn help.
    Unfortunatly i lost ma beb,plz dnt ko wat to do ths is my sec msc.wat cn i do to avoid ths?
    03 Jul 2012, 16:17
    I am 1 mounth pregnant and i have given moxymax 250 it is safe to use it to my baby
    17 Sep 2012, 14:33
    I am 12Weeks pregnant and they gave me moxymax 500 is that safe to drink.
    09 Oct 2012, 18:49
    I am 16 wks pregnant n the clinic prescribed moxymax 500 for the throat infection I have. Is it safe for my baby?
    05 Nov 2012, 14:29
    Am 16 wks pregnant the clinic gave me moxymax 250 is it safe for my baby.
    22 Nov 2012, 15:07
    my wife is taking the drug and she is a few weeks pregnant has it no effect ON THE BABY
    22 Nov 2012, 17:15
    I was given the Moxymax 500 at the local clinic and I was never told how to drink them. I only saw 1 and 3 thinking that I have to take 1capsule 3times a day! only to find out that its 1capsule every 3hours! what should I do? do I continue to take them? please help I don't want to take wrong dose and harm my unborn baby!
    07 Dec 2012, 17:07
    Hi I'm 9 month pregnant and I have yellow thick discharge their smile bad and I went to clinic and they gave me Moxymax 500 I take 2 tablets 3 times aday it is not gonna harm my unborn baby cause I'm felt by days 2 deliver
    28 May 2013, 22:44
    I hav 3mnths baby she was given moxymax s 125 mg and now she develop a body rush is it normal?
    05 Jul 2013, 11:25
    I'm 8 mnths prgnt n gvn moxymax 250 is it good to take this medicine?
    26 Jul 2013, 15:06
    hi there i am seven months pregnant n i was given the moxymax 250 to take three times in a day is it safe for my little one
    29 Aug 2013, 14:25
    I am 18 weeks is it safe to use moxymax 500g(amoxycillin trhydrate
    27 Sep 2013, 17:03
    is moxymax safe during pregnancy? I think i pissed off the nurse at the clinic so i can't trust anything she gave me. 8 months preg.
    Nthabiseng m
    15 Feb 2014, 17:58
    Hey ppl....!!i have been given moxymax 500 n bio-metronidazole 400 bc i have stomarch cramps,a lot of whitish discharge bt it doesnt smell,i feel something playing or pulling my belly button,get dizzy,i sweet alot and im also very tired most of th time i my eyes even hurt most of the time i did pregnancy test @th clinic bt the results came out negetive bt th nurse said sh isnt tht sure tht im nt preg so im asking can i b pregnant?
    07 Apr 2014, 16:27
    Hi I've got an ear problem nd 4 weeks pregnant, nd ws given moxymax250 wanna know if it's safe 4 my bby?
    16 Apr 2014, 15:20
    Ey I'm 18 weeks pregnant and also hiv positive so I had a bleeding and discharge so I went to a doctor so the doctor gave me moxymax 500 to take 1 3 times a day and paracentamol 500mg to take 2 3 times a day and innospore cream to use 2 times a day and I also take tribuss pills,folic acid pills,femous sulphate pills and pyridoxine is it safe for my baby to use all this pills
    01 May 2014, 19:26
    10 May 2014, 15:09
    Hi im 29 weeks preg n having thick yellowish smelly discharge n at the clinic they gav me moxymax 500g so i wana knw if it wont harm ma unborn child
    26 May 2014, 08:45
    Hey im 3 weeks pregnant and they gave me moxymax 500 and Paracetamol.and i was supose to take 2 pills 3 Times a day I was coughing 2 much and my bladder was painful i want to know it is Safe for my baby.
    01 Jun 2014, 15:23
    Is it save to take moxymax 250 while pregnant m 32 weeks?
    13 Jul 2014, 19:49
    I am coughing blood for more than 2weeks and i went to clinic and they gave me moxymax 250...how its going 2 help me
    19 Jul 2014, 11:41
    I hv bn hvin stomach cramps n feel like smthng its pulling my belly button, my stomach hv burning feeling n m always hungry n feel nauseaous bt dn't vomit, hv too much clear discharge bt smtyms whitish n smtimes smells like yeast, some weeks ago my breast wr tender n painful bt nw de back to normal, hv back pain n feel tired mst of the time n I sleep thru out de night nt like b4, my vagina its itchi bt dsn't hv sores. Yesterday I went to a clinic they dd pregnancy test n came out negative, could I b preg ? They gave me (candizole vaginal tablet 500mg,moxymax 500 I take 1 3tyms daily, allergex tablets I tke 1 @ nyt,bio-naproxen 250 I tk 1 2tyms daily, betapen tblts which wr 5 + 1 biofloxacin which I took them all once) if de preg test wr negative positive, wud ths meds affect my health? Please help.
    21 Jul 2014, 15:46
    I'm 12 weeks pregnant and my Dr gave me moxymax and Bio-Metronidazole.I want to knw if it is safe during pregnancy.
    23 Aug 2014, 00:01
    I'm 2 mnths pregnant nd having the yeast infection does the moxymax helps in tis situasion caus doctor gave it 2 me
    30 Aug 2014, 21:46
    I had miscarriage and the doctor gave me moxymax,does it help to clean the iterus?
    30 Aug 2014, 21:46
    I had miscarriage and the doctor gave me moxymax,does it help to clean the uterus?
    Zinhle Ndonga
    06 Sep 2014, 08:18
    Hi there is it safe to use moxymax 250 when u are pregnant please help
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