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Herbal Concepts

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Herbal Concepts:

Trade names Active ingredients
Asthma and Catarrh ReliefIpecacuanha; Liquorice; Lobelia; Marrubium
Backache ReliefBearberry; Buchu; Parsley Piert
Chesty Cough ReliefColtsfoot; Gambir; Liquorice; Peru Balsam; Senega
Daily Fatigue ReliefDamiana; Kola; Saw Palmetto
Daily Overwork and Mental Fatigue ReliefAvena; Zanthoxylum
Daily Tension and Strain ReliefAsafoetida; Avena; Passion Flower; Valerian
Hay Fever and Sinus ReliefEchinacea; Garlic; Sambucus
Hayfever and Sinus ReliefEchinacea; Garlic; Sambucus
Indigestion ReliefCapsicum; Fringe Tree Bark; Ginger; Leptandra Virginica
LaxativeAloe; Cascara; Senna; Valerian
Menopause ReliefMotherwort; Pulsatilla; Tilia; Valerian
Period Pain ReliefAlchemilla; Helonias; Motherwort; Pulsatilla; Valerian; Vervain
Rheumatic Pain ReliefCapsicum; Capsicum Oleoresin; Celery Oil; Guaiacum Resin; Menyanthes
Tickly Cough and Sore Throat ReliefHyssop; Liquorice; Senega
Weight Loss AidBladderwrack; Boldo; Taraxacum
Wind and Dyspepsia ReliefGinger; Hydrastis; Myrrh; Rhubarb; Taraxacum; Valerian

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