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ICM Pharma

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from ICM Pharma:

Trade names Active ingredients
Alutacid Antacid MixtAluminum Hydroxide
Benzyl Benzoate ApplicationBenzyl Benzoate
BetamethasoneBetamethasone Valerate
Calamol with MentholCalamine; Menthol
Carrington's Gripe WaterSodium Bicarbonate
Castellani's PaintBoric Acid; Phenol; Resorcinol
Coal Tar prepared et Salicylic AcidCoal Tar; Salicylic Acid
Coal Tar Solution in Aqueous CreamCoal Tar
Guardian CoughGuaifenesin
Hi-TarCoal Tar
HydrocortisoneHydrocortisone Acetate
Hydrocortisone; UreaHydrocortisone; Urea
ICM Asthma FormulaAlbuterol Sulfate
ICM White SpotSalicylic Acid
Paracetamol for ChildrenAcetaminophen
Potassium CitrateCitric Acid; Potassium Citrate
ProcanolProcaine Hydrochloride
PromagenPromethazine Hydrochloride
Salicylic AcidSalicylic Acid
Sodium BicarbonateSodium Bicarbonate
Toh Skin OintmentSalicylic Acid

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