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Legras Laboratoires

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Legras Laboratoires:

Trade names Active ingredients
CalmosineDill Seed; Sodium Bicarbonate
CarbonexMagnesium Hydroxide
Dermo-SulfurylCopper (Copper Sulfate); Sulfur precipitated; Zinc Sulfate
FenugreneFenugreek seed dry extract; Fenugreek Seed Soft Extract
Rhino-SulfurylEphedrine Hydrochloride; Sodium Thiosulfate
SalicairineLoosestrife Fluid Extract
SulfurylSulfurated Aluminium Sodium Silicate
Sulfuryl Bath AdditiveSulfur precipitated; Sulfurated Aluminium Sodium Silicate
Sulfuryl SoapSulfur precipitated; Sulfurated Aluminium Sodium Silicate

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