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Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Octapharma:

Trade names Active ingredients
Albumin HumanAlbumin Human
AtenativAntithrombin III
AunativHepatitis B Immune Globulin
Aunativ Immunglobulin Anti-Hepatitis-BHepatitis B Immune Globulin
GammaglobulinImmune Globulin Normal
GammanormImmune Globulin Human
GammonativImmune Globulin Normal
NanotivCoagulation Factor IX
OctafixCoagulation Factor IX Human
OctagamImmune Globulin Human Normal
Octaglob-DAnti-D Immune Globulin; Glycine Stabilizer
OctalbinAlbumin Human
OctalbineAlbumin Human
OctanateCoagulation Factor VIII Human
OctanineCoagulation Factor IX Human
Octanine FCoagulation Factor IX Human
Octanine F filteredCoagulation Factor IX Human
OctanyneCoagulation Factor IX
OctaplasGlycine; Plasma Proteins Human; Sodium Citrate Dihydrate; Sodium Phosphate Monobasic Dihydrate
OctaplasmaPlasma Proteins Human
OctaplexCoagulation Factor II Human; Coagulation Factor IX Human; Coagulation Factor VII Human; Coagulation Factor X Human; Protein C Human; Protein S
OctatiAntithrombin III Human
OctaviCoagulation Factor VIII
Octonativ-MCoagulation Factor VIII
PartoglomanAnti-D Immune Globulin
ReFactoCoagulation Factor VIII
RhesonativAnti-D Immune Globulin
TetaglomanTetanus Immune Globulin
WilateAntihemophilic Factor Human; Plasma Proteins Human; Von Willebrand Factor Human

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