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Omega Diagnostics

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Omega Diagnostics:

Trade names Active ingredients
Combina 2Test for Glucose and Ketones in Urine
Combina 3Test for Glucose, pH, Protein in Urine
Combina BilirubinTest for Bilirubin in Urine
Combina BloodTest for Blood in Urine
Combina GlucoseTest for Glucose in Urine
Combina KetonesTest for Ketones in Urine
Combina NitratesTest for Nitrates in Urine
Combina pHTest for pH in Urine
Combina ProteinTest for Protein in Urine
Combina Specific GravityTest for Specific Gravity in Urine
Combina UrobilinogenTest for Urobilinogen in Urine
Drug ScreenTests for Drugs of Abuse
HexagonTest for Detection of Antibodies to Helicobacter Pylori in Blood, Serum, Plasma
Omega 1-StepPregnancy Test
QEDTest for Alcohol in Saliva
Today Ovulation TestFertility Test

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