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Potter's Herbal Supplies

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Potter's Herbal Supplies:

Trade names Active ingredients
Acidosis LiquidEuonymus; Gentian Infusion Compound; Meadowsweet
Acidosis TabletsCharcoal Activated; Meadowsweet; Rhubarb
AdiantineBay Oil; Hamamelis; Rosemary Oil
AnasedJamaica Dogwood; Lupulus; Passion Flower; Pulsatilla; Wild Lettuce
AntibronColtsfoot; Euphorbia; Lobelia; Pleurisy Root; Senega; Wild Lettuce
AntifectEchinacea; Garlic; Garlic Oil
AntiglanEquisetum; Hydrangea; Saw Palmetto
Anti-Smoking TabletsLobelia
AntitisBuchu dry extract; Buchu Leaf; Clivers dry extract; Couch Grass dry extract; Equisetum dry extract; Shepherd's Purse dry extract; Uva Ursi dry extract
Appetiser MixtureCalumba; Chamomile; Gentian Infusion Compound
Backache MixtureBearberry; Clivers; Juniper; Lappa; Taraxacum
Backache TabletsBearberry; Buchu; Gravel Root; Hydrangea Root
Balm of Gilead MixtureBalm of Gilead; Lobelia; Lungwort; Squill
BoldexBladderwrack; Boldo; Butternut Bark; Taraxacum
Catarrh MixtureBlue Flag; Boneset; Capsicum; Hyssop; Lappa Root
Chest MixtureAcetum Scillae; Horehound; Lobelia; Pleurisy Root; Senega
ChlorophyllChlorophyllin; Kola Nut
Cleansing HerbsBuckthorn; Fennel Seed; Mate; Psyllium; Sambucus; Senna Leaf
DermacremeMenthol; Methyl Salicylate; Phenol Liquefied
DiuretabsBearberry; Buchu Leaf; Juniper Berry Oil; Parsley Piert
Echinacea ElixirBaptisia Tinctoria; Echinacea; Fumitory
Eczema OintmentBenzoic Acid; Salicylic Acid; Stellaria Media; Zinc Oxide
Elixir Damiana and Saw PalmettoCorn Silk; Damiana; Saw Palmetto
EP and C EssenceBayberry Bark; Hemlock Spruce; Peppermint Oil; Sambucus
GB TabletsEuonymus; Lappa Root; Leptandra Virginica
Herbheal OintmentAlthaea Root; Colophony; Starch; Stellaria Media; Sulfur Sublimed; Zinc Oxide
Horehound and Aniseed Cough MixtureElecampane; Horehound; Lobelia; Pleurisy Root; Skunk Cabbage
Indian BrandeeCapsicum; Ginger; Rhubarb Tincture Compound
Indigestion MixtureEuonymus; Gentian; Meadowsweet
Jamaican SarsaparillaCapsicum; Liquorice; Peppermint Oil; Sarsaparilla Root
Kas-BahBearberry; Buchu; Clivers; Couch Grass; Equisetum; Senna
Life DropsCapsicum; Peppermint Oil; Sambucus
Lightning Cough RemedyAnise Oil; Liquorice
Lion Cleansing HerbsBuckthorn; Fennel; Mate; Psyllium Seed; Sambucus; Senna
Medicated Extract of RosemaryBay Oil; Geranium Oil; Methyl Salicylate; Rosemary Oil
NewrelaxLupulus; Skullcap; Valerian; Vervain
Nine Rubbing OilsAmber Oil; Clove Oil; Eucalyptus Oil; Linseed Oil; Methyl Salicylate; Peppermint Oil; Thyme Oil; Turpentine Oil; Volatile Mustard Oil
Nodoff LiquidJamaica Dogwood; Lupulus; Passion Flower; Skullcap; Valerian
Nodoff TabletsPassion Flower
Out-of-SortsAloe; Cascara; Fennel; Senna; Taraxacum
Peerless Composition EssenceBayberry Bark; Oak Bark; Pinus Canadensis; Poplar Bark; Prickly Ash Bark
PeginaCalamus; Calumba; Cardamom Tincture Compound; Magnesium Sulfate; Magnesium Trisilicate; Rhubarb
PiletabsAgrimony; Cascara; Pilewort; Stone Root
Potter's AcidosisCharcoal Medicinal Vegetable; Meadowsweet; Rhubarb
Potter's AntitisBuchu dry extract; Buchu Leaf; Clivers dry extract; Couch Grass dry extract; Equisetum dry extract; Shepherd's Purse dry extract; Uva Ursi dry extract
Potter's Catarrh MixtureBlue Flag Liquid Extract; Boneset Liquid Extract; Burdock Root Liquid Extract; Hyssop Liquid Extract
Potter's Chest MixtureHorehound Liquid Extract; Lobelia Acid Tincture; Pleurisy Root Liquid Extract; Senega Liquid Extract
Potter's Cleansing HerbAloe (Cape); Cascara Bark; Dandelion Root; Fennel Seed; Senna Leaf Tinnevelly
Potter's Comfrey OintmentComfrey Root Liquid Extract
Potter's NewrelaxHops; Scullcap; Valerian dry extract
Potter's Nodoff PassifloraPassiflora dry extract
Potter's Psorasolv OintmentClivers Soft Extract; Poke Root Liquid Extract; Starch; Sulfur; Zinc Oxide
Potter's Skin Clear TabletsEchinacea dry extract; Echinacea Root
PrementaidBearberry; Motherwort; Pulsatilla; Valerian; Vervain
ProtatCorn Silk
PsorasolvClivers; Poke Root; Starch; Sulfur Sublimed; Zinc Oxide
Rheumatic Pain RemedyAchillea; Guaiacum Resin; Lappa Root; Menyanthes
SciargoBearberry; Clivers; Juniper Berry Oil; Shepherd's Purse; Wild Carrot
Skin Clear OintmentMelaleuca Oil; Starch; Sulfur Sublimed; Zinc Oxide
Skin Clear TabletsEchinacea Root
Skin Eruptions MixtureBuchu; Cascara; Iris Versicolor; Lappa Root; Sarsaparilla; Yellow Dock
Slippery Elm Stomach TabletsAnise Oil; Cinnamon Oil; Peppermint Oil; Slippery Elm Bark
Spanish Tummy MixtureBlackberry Root Bark; Gambir
St. Johnswort CompoundCimicifuga; Juniper Oil; Salix; Skullcap; St. John's Wort
Stomach MixtureBismuth Ammonium Citrate; Gentian Root; Rhubarb Tincture Compound; Taraxacum
StrengthDamiana; Kola; Saw Palmetto
TabritisAchillea; Bearberry; Clivers; Lappa; Poplar Bark; Prickly Ash Bark; Sambucus; Senna
Varicose OintmentCade Oil; Hamamelis; Zinc Oxide
Vegetable Cough RemoverAnise Oil; Capsicum; Cimicifuga; Elecampane; Hyssop; Ipecacuanha; Liquorice; Lobelia; Marrubium; Pleurisy Root; Skullcap; Skunk Cabbage; Valerian
Watershed MixtureBuchu; Clivers; Juniper; Pellitory; Wild Carrot
Watershed TabletsBearberry; Buchu; Juniper Oil; Parsley Piert
Wellwoman Herbal TeaAchillea; Bearberry; Skullcap; Tilia
Wellwoman TabletsAchillea; Motherwort; Skullcap; Tilia; Valerian


17 Jul 2010, 10:18
why cant i contact potterers herbal suplies ihave used dermacreme antiseptic for years now i cant find any please help
kishore Kumar
22 Sep 2010, 04:43
I need to know whether i can get comfrey root extract oinment for my joint pains. If you are the supplier please provide your adress in chennai.
ibinye boroh
16 Jul 2011, 01:51
how do i buy your bulk herbs in large quantities?
John Henry
19 Aug 2011, 04:25
Dear Sir:

I've looked at all of Potter's Herbal supplies products. I notice Balm of Gilead Mixture is one of them.
Years ago I use to purchase that particular item from them as well as others.

I finally received a notice from them stating that the FDA here in the U.S. would not allow them to sell Balm of Gilead to U.S. customers. Of course I understood their reason immediately.
As far as I found out they do not make it any more. If that is the case, why is it listed above with all the other products?

If it is available, can it be purchased from Canada or Australia, or any other country?

I seek your assistance in this regard and trust to hear from you soon in regard to this product. Thank you!

Respectfully yours,

John Henry

01 Oct 2011, 21:37
Where could i buy Potter's skin clear ointment for mild acne ski 03L4 it really helps me but i haven't bought for alot of years and find the one i have is out of date
Many thanks

NR10 5PZ (Norfolk) England
04 Feb 2013, 21:05
The US FDA is nothing more than a "lap dog" of the giant pharmaceutical companies, and they will ban anything natural that is effective. Note that you can get around the FDA ban if you are ordering the herbal medicine for veterinary use. For example, if you are raising pigs (Sus Scrofa Domesticus)-- or you at least *SAY* you are, and that the herbal formula is clearly labeled "For Veterinary Use Only" by the supplier, then it will SAIL right through customs without a problem at all. Of course, you have to be smart about this-- never admit the product is for *YOU* and you will be fine.
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