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Chapter V

Organic amnesic syndrome, not induced by alcohol and other psychoactive substances - F04

A syndrome of prominent impairment of recent and remote memory while immediate recall is preserved, with reduced ability to learn new material and disorientation in time. Confabulation may be a marked feature, but perception and other cognitive functions, including the intellect, are usually intact. The prognosis depends on the course of the underlying lesion.
Korsakov's psychosis or syndrome, nonalcoholic
  • amnesia:
  • NOS ( R41.3 )
  • anterograde ( R41.1 )
  • dissociative ( F44.0 )
  • retrograde ( R41.2 )
  • Korsakov's syndrome:
  • alcohol-induced or unspecified ( F10.6 )
  • induced by other psychoactive substances ( F11-F19 with common fourth character .6)

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