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Chapter XI

Other functional intestinal disorders - K59

  • change in bowel habit NOS ( R19.4 )
  • functional disorders of stomach ( K31.- )
  • intestinal malabsorption ( K90.- )
  • psychogenic intestinal disorders ( F45.3 )
K59.0 Constipation
K59.1 Functional diarrhoea
K59.2 Neurogenic bowel, not elsewhere classified
K59.3 Megacolon, not elsewhere classified
Dilatation of colon
Toxic megacolon

Use additional external cause code (Chapter XX), if desired, to identify toxic agent.
  • megacolon (in):
  • Chagas' disease ( B57.3 )
  • congenital (aganglionic) ( Q43.1 )
  • Hirschsprung's disease ( Q43.1 )
K59.4 Anal spasm
Proctalgia fugax
K59.8 Other specified functional intestinal disorders
Atony of colon
K59.9 Functional intestinal disorder, unspecified

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