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Chapter XV

Excessive vomiting in pregnancy - O21

O21.0 Mild hyperemesis gravidarum
Hyperemesis gravidarum, mild or unspecified, starting before the end of the 22nd week of gestation
O21.1 Hyperemesis gravidarum with metabolic disturbance
Hyperemesis gravidarum, starting before the end of the 22nd week of gestation, with metabolic disturbance such as:
  • carbohydrate depletion
  • dehydration
  • electrolyte imbalance
  • O21.2 Late vomiting of pregnancy
    Excessive vomiting starting after 22 completed weeks of gestation
    O21.8 Other vomiting complicating pregnancy
    Vomiting due to diseases classified elsewhere, complicating pregnancy

    Use additional code, if desired, to identify cause.
    O21.9 Vomiting of pregnancy, unspecified

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