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Indications and usages ATC and ICD codes:

ATC codes: M03AC04
ICD-10 codes: Z51

Alphabetical lists of pharmaceutical products containing Atracurium:

Active ingredients Trade names | Pharmaceutical companies
Atracurium Gelolagar - Fada Pharma
Tracurix - Richmond Laboratorios
Tracuron - Scott-Cassara
Atracurium Besylate Abbocurium - Abbott
Abbottracurium - Abbott
Acris - Gland Pharma
Acurmil - Lisapharma
Arium - Celon Laboratories
Artacil - Neon Laboratories
Atcurium - Chandra Bhagat Pharma
Atcuron - Sun Pharmaceutical Industries
Atra - Hana Pharmaceutical; Schumit 1967
Atracade - Baxter
Atracor - Hana Pharmaceutical; International Apex Pharmaceuticals
Atracur - Libra Laboratorio
Atracurio Besilato - Biosano Laboratorios
Atracurio Besilato - Sanderson Laboratorio
Atracurium - Abbott
Atracurium - APP Pharmaceuticals
Atracurium - Baxter
Atracurium - Bedford Laboratories
Atracurium - Faulding
Atracurium - Hameln Pharmaceuticals
Atracurium - Hospira
Atracurium - Marsam Pharmaceuticals
Atracurium - Mayne Pharma
Atracurium - Sagent Pharmaceuticals
Atracurium - Sandoz
Atracurium - Sicor Pharmaceuticals
Atracurium Besylate DBL - Tempo Scan Pacific; Hospira
Atracurium preservative free - APP Pharmaceuticals
Atracurium preservative free - Baxter
Atracurium preservative free - Bedford Laboratories
Atracurium preservative free - Hospira
Atracurium preservative free - Mayne Pharma
Atracurium preservative free - Sagent Pharmaceuticals
Atracurium-Hameln - Combiphar
Atracurium-Medargo - Hana Pharmaceutical
Atrakt - Gland Pharma
Atralex - CCM Duopharma BioTech
Atrelax - Abbott
Farelax - Fahrenheit
Faulcurium - Faulding
Ifacur - Andromaco Industria Farmaceutica
Laurak - Grupo Vita / Vita Cientifica
Mycurium - Taro Pharmaceutical Industries
Notrixum - Novell Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Relatrac - Pisa Laboratorios
Sitrac - Meizler
Trablok - Lemery
Trac - Duopharma; International Apex Pharmaceuticals
Tracrium - GlaxoSmithKline; Abbott; Firma Chun Cheong; Hospira; Zuellig Pharma
Tracrium preservative free - Hospira
Tracur - Cristalia Produtos Quimicos Farmaceuticos
Tramus - Dexa Medica Pharm & Chem
Troycurium - Troikaa Pharmaceuticals


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