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Indications and usages ATC and ICD codes:

ATC codes: P02CF01
ICD-10 codes: N / A

Alphabetical lists of pharmaceutical products containing Ivermectin:

Active ingredients Trade names | Pharmaceutical companies
Ivermectin Alverin - Norbrook Laboratories
Ascapil - Abbott
Ascarantel - OPV
Baymec Pasta - Bayer
Baymec Pour-On - Bayer
Baymec Prolong - Bayer
Bimectin - Bimeda-MTC Animal Health
Bimectin for Cattle and Swine - Bimeda-MTC Animal Health
Bimectin for Horses - Bimeda-MTC Animal Health
Cevamec - Ceva-Phylaxia
Ectin - Elfin Pharma
Ectover - Worth Medicines India
Elect - Captab Biotec
Equell for Horses - Virbac
Eqvalan - Merial
Eqvalan for Horses - Merial
Heartgard Plus
Heartgard-30 Chewables for Dogs - Merial
Heartgard-30 for Dogs - Merial
Heartgard-30 FX Chewables for Cats - Merial
Ifact - Medico Healthcare
Imectin - Pulse Pharma
Ivecop - Shalaks Pharmaceuticals
Ivercid - East West Pharma
Ivermec - UCI-Farma Industria Farmaceutica
Ivermectin - F.T. Pharma
Ivermectin Pour-On for Cattle - Chief Medical Supplies
Iversan - Sanify Healthcare
Iver-Sol - Psyco Remedies
Iverstar - BMW Pharmaco India
Ivexterm - Valeant Pharmaceuticals; ICN Pharmaceuticals
Ivomec - Merial
Ivomec Drench - Merial
Ivomec for Cattle, Sheep and Swine - Merial
Ivomec Plus
Ivomec Pour-On for Cattle - Merial
Ivor - Plus India
Ivori - Invision Medi Sciences
Kaonol - Mediderm
Macbi - Arvincare Healthcare
Mectin - Meridian Medicare
Mectizan - Merck; Stada
Megamectin - Novartis
Noromectin - Norbrook Laboratories
Noromectin Drench Sheep - Norbrook Laboratories
Noromectin for Cattle - Norbrook Laboratories
Noromectin for Cattle and Swine - Norbrook Laboratories
Noromectin for Swine - Norbrook Laboratories
Noromectin Pour-On for Cattle - Norbrook Laboratories
Panomec - Merial
Phoenectin Pour-On for Cattle - Bio Agri Mix
Pizar - Davi Pharm
Premelange Porcs Medicamente Ivomec - Cooperative Federee de Quebec
Revectina - Solvay
Scabicare - Servocare Lifesciences
Scavista - Zuventus Healthcare
Securo - ICN Pharmaceuticals
Sklice - Sanofi-Aventis
SOS Mectin - Ampharco
Sromectol - Merck
Starmec - Ind Biosciences
Stromectol - Merck; Banyu Pharmaceutical; Zuellig Pharma
Tergum - Biosciences Pharmakon
Tinver - Biochemix Health Care
Tromer - Elfin Pharma
Unimectrin for Cattle, Sheep and Swine - Merial
Unimectrin Pour-On for Cattle - Merial
Varzo - Zodak
Verco - Constant
Vermac - Novogen Captab Biotec
Vermectil - Cifarma Cientifica Farmaceutica
Vermectin - Micro Labs; Atlantic Laboratories
Vermin - Haledew Remedies
Vermiscab - Sigman Wellness
Versil - Sanify Healthcare; Silver Biotech
Vetomectin - Norbrook Laboratories
Zimecterin - Merial
Ablaze-IM - Aronex Life Sciences
Abra-IM - Orion Biotech
ABZ Plus - Indoco Remedies
Albacos-IR - Symbiosis; Coastal Healthcare
Albactin Plus - Medinova
Albazio Plus - Agio Pharmaceuticals
Albentin - BMW Pharmaco India
Albosym-IR - Symbiosis; Materkin Healthcare
Alford-I - Blubell Pharma
Alvect - Trumac Healthcare
Anthel-Up - Lincoln Pharmaceuticals
Appben - BMW Pharmaco India
Ariban Plus - Arika Healthcare
Ascapil-A - Abbott
Bandy Plus - Mankind Pharma
Beniver - Medihealth
Benrod-I - Invision Medi Sciences
Benzole - Flamingo Pharmaceuticals
Ectin-A - Elfin Pharma
Elect-A - Captab Biotec
Eris Plus - Waves-Biotech
Getrid-I - Evershine Healthcare
Hymin Plus - Intra Labs India
Imectin Forte - Pulse Pharma
Ivecop-AB - Shalaks Pharmaceuticals
Ivercid-A - East West Pharma
Iverzole - J.K. Biochem Healthcare
Ivoral-DT - Aurochem
Kidi - Alpha Aromatic
Macbi Plus - Arvincare Healthcare
Networm - Venus Remedies
Networm-DS - Venus Remedies
Remowor - Obsurge Biotech
Sozibendal Plus - Sozin Flora Pharma
Starmec-A - Ind Biosciences
Symbend-IR - Symbiosis
Tromer-A - Elfin Pharma
Varzole - Zodak
Velocid Plus - Maan Pharmaceuticals
Vermac-A - Novogen Captab Biotec
Vermin-A - Haledew Remedies
Vermiscab-A - Sigman Wellness
Vermiz - Ritz Pharma
Warmact - Active Healthcare
Wormicare Forte - Azine Healthcare
Wormicare Plus - Azine Healthcare
Equimax - Virbac
Eqvalan Gold - Merial
Pyrantel Pamoate
Heartgard-30 Plus - Merial
Fasimec - Novartis


Mr. Lan
30 Jan 2011, 05:53
New GMP factory for veterinary medicines from China, strong in ivermectin inj., etc. Interested in exporting overseas and work for OEM projects.
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