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Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Anglian Pharma:

Trade names Active ingredients
Biotene Dry MouthGlucose Oxidase; Lactoferrin; Lactoperoxidase; Lysozyme
Biotene OralbalanceGlucose Oxidase; Lactoperoxidase; Xylitol
Biotene Oralbalance Dry Mouth SystemUnidentified active ingredients
ChymolEucalyptus Oil; Methyl Salicylate; Phenol; Terpineol
DentogenClove Oil
FeminesseGlycerol; Paraffin Liquid; Polycarbophil; Sorbic Acid
Fennings Children's Cooling PowdersAcetaminophen
Fennings Little HealersIpecacuanha
Jackson's All FoursGuaifenesin
Jackson's Bronchial BalsamGuaifenesin
Jacksons Herbal LaxativeCascara; Rhubarb; Senna
Jackson's Lemon LinctusGlycerol; Honey
Jacksons Mentholated BalmCamphor; Eucalyptus Oil; Menthol; Methyl Salicylate; Terpineol
Jackson's Pain and FeverSodium Salicylate
Jackson's Troublesome CoughsGlycerol; Honey; Ipecacuanha
Nozoil Dry NoseSesame Oil
Nurse Sykes BalsamGuaifenesin
Nurse Sykes PowdersAcetaminophen; Aspirin; Caffeine

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