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Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Coloplast:

Trade names Active ingredients
Alione CharbonCharcoal Activated
Altreet AgCarmellose Sodium; Silver Sulfadiazine
AmiviaAlginic Acid (Alginate Calcium); Carmellose Sodium
Baza Cleanse and ProtectDimethicone
Baza ProtectZinc Oxide
Baza Protect IIDimethicone; Zinc Oxide
Baza-ProZinc Oxide
BiatainCarmellose Sodium
Coloplast OAD SweenDeodorant for stoma care
ComfeelCarmellose Sodium
Comfeel Medicated DressingCarmellose Sodium
Comfeel PlusCalcium Alginate; Carmellose Sodium
Comfeel Plus TransparenteCarmellose Sodium
Comfeel Plus TransparenterCarmellose Sodium
Comfeel PurilonCalcium Alginate; Carmellose Sodium
Comfeel SeaSorbAlginic Acid (Alginate Sodium); Calcium Alginate; Carmellose Sodium
ContreetHydrocolloid Hydroactivated Silver Dressing
Critic-Aid ClearPetrolatum White
Critic-Aid Skin PasteZinc Oxide
Gentle Rain AntibacterialTriclosan
Gentle Rain Antibacterial All Body CleanserTriclosan
OstobonDeodorant powder for use with ostomies
Peri-Wash II Antiseptic CleanserBenzethonium Chloride
PhysiotulleCarmellose Sodium
Physiotulle-AgCarmellose; Silver Sulfadiazine
ProtactBarrier Cream
Puri-ClensMethylbenzethonium Chloride
PurilonCalcium Alginate; Carmellose Sodium
Sea Clens Wound CleanserSodium Chloride
SeasorbCalcium Alginate; Carmellose Sodium
SeaSorb SoftCalcium Alginate; Carmellose
Soft Touch Lotion Hand CleanserChloroxylenol
SproamBenzethonium Chloride
Stat Touch 2 Antimicrobial Skin CleanserChlorhexidine Gluconate
Sween 24Dimethicone
Sween Antibacterial MoisturizingTriclosan
Sween CreamBarrier Cream
Sween IsagelAlcohol Anhydrous
Sween PrepChloroxylenol
Uriflex GCitric Acid; Edetate Disodium; Magnesium Oxide Light; Sodium Bicarbonate
Uriflex RCitric Acid; Edetate Disodium; Gluconolactone; Magnesium Carbonate Light
Uriflex SSodium Chloride
Uriflex WWater Sterile Pyrogen free

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