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Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from ConvaTec:

Trade names Active ingredients
AlgistatAlginic Acid (Alginate Calcium)
Aloe VestaEmollient
AquacelCarmellose Sodium
CarboflexAlginic Acid (Alginate Calcium); Alginic Acid (Alginate Sodium); Carmellose Sodium; Charcoal Activated
GranuflexCarmellose Sodium; Gelatin; Pectin
HumidermSodium Pidolate
HyalofillHyaluronic Acid
IrriclensSodium Chloride
KaltocarbCalcium Alginate; Charcoal Activated
KaltostatAlginic Acid (Alginate Sodium); Calcium Alginate
LPH Germicidal DetergentClorophene; O-Phenylphenol; P-Tert-Pentylphenol
OrabaseCarboxymethyl Cellulose Sodium; Gelatin; Pectin
OrahesiveCarmellose Sodium; Gelatin; Pectin
PrimahexAlcohol; Chlorhexidine
Shur-ClensPoloxamer 188
StomahesiveBarrier Paste
Stomahesive PasteButyl Monoester Polymer with Ethanol
Stomahesive PowderCarmellose Sodium; Gelatin; Pectin
Stomahesive WaferCarmellose Sodium; Gelatin; Pectin; Polyisobutylene
UrihesiveMedical Adhesive
VarihesiveCarmellose Sodium; Gelatin; Pectin
Varihesive HydroactiveCarmellose Sodium; Gelatin; Pectin
VersivaHydrocolloid and Hydrofibre Dressing

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