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E. Kern Pharmazeutische Krauterspezialitaten

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from E. Kern Pharmazeutische Krauterspezialitaten:

Trade names Active ingredients
Kernosan ElixirAniseed; Burnet Saxifrage Root; Calamus; Fennel; Horseradish; Iceland Moss; Imperatoria Root; Ivy; Liquorice; Oak Bark; Plantain Seed; Primula Root
Kernosan Heidelberger PoudreAbsinthium; Achillea; Aniseed; Burnet Saxifrage Root; Caraway; Fennel; Juniper
Kernosan Huile de MassageCamphor; Eucalyptus Oil; Peppermint Oil; Sweet Birch Oil
UrinexBarbiflore; Bearberry; Birch Leaves; Buchu; Calamus; Calendula; Equisetum; Haricot Bean; Meadowsweet; Solidago Virgaurea

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