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Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from GE Healthcare:

Trade names Active ingredients
AdreViewIobenguane Iodine, I-123
AdreView SIobenguane Iodine, I-123
Amerscan Etain StanneuxSodium Medronate; Stannous Fluoride
Amerscan HepatateTechnetium Tc-99M Stannous Fluoride
Amerscan Hepatate IISodium Fluoride; Stannous Fluoride
Amerscan MDP KitTechnetium Tc-99M Medronate Kit
Amerscan MedronateTechnetium Tc-99M Medronate Kit
Amerscan Medronate IISodium Medronate
Amerscan Medronate II AgentMedronic Acid
Amerscan Pentetate IICalcium Trisodium Pentetate
Amerscan Pentetate II AgentCalcium Trisodium Pentetate
Amerscan StannousTechnetium Tc-99M Stannous Medronate
Amerscan Stannous AgentSodium Medronate; Stannous Fluoride
BilopaqueTyropanoate Sodium
CeretecTechnetium Tc-99M Exametazime Kit
Cintichem Technetium 99m HedspaTechnetium Tc-99M Etidronate Kit
CysviewHexaminolevulinate Hydrochloride
DaTSCANIoflupane, I-123
Dicopac KitVitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin); Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin, Co-57); Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin, Co-58)
Fluorine F-18Sodium Fluoride, F-18
Gallium Citrate, Ga-67Gallium Citrate, Ga-67
HexvixHexyl Aminolevulinate Hydrochloride
HypaqueDiatrizoate Sodium
Hypaque 76%Diatrizoate Meglumine; Diatrizoate Sodium
Hypaque-CystoDiatrizoate Meglumine
IbrinFibrinogen, I-125
Indium Oxyquinoline, In-111Indium In-111 Oxyquinoline
IsopaqueMetrizoic Acid (Calcium Metrizoate); Metrizoic Acid (Magnesium Metrizoate); Metrizoic Acid (Meglumine Metrizoate); Metrizoic Acid (Sodium Metrizoate)
Lungaggregate ReagentTechnetium Tc-99M Albumin Aggregated Kit
MetastronStrontium Chloride, Sr-89
MPI DMSA Kidney ReagentTechnetium Tc-99M Succimer Kit
MPI DMSA Kit - ChelateTechnetium Tc-99M Pentetate Kit
MPI Indium DTPA in 111Indium In-111 Pentetate Disodium
MPI Krypton 81M Gas GeneratorKrypton, Kr-81M
MPI Stannous DiphosphonateTechnetium Tc-99M Etidronate Kit
MyoviewTechnetium Tc-99M Tetrofosmin Kit
NanocollTechnetium Tc-99M Albumin Colloid Kit
NeoscanGallium Citrate, Ga-67
NephroflowIodohippurate Sodium, I-123
Omnipaque 140Iohexol
Omnipaque 180Iohexol
Omnipaque 210Iohexol
Omnipaque 240Iohexol
Omnipaque 300Iohexol
Omnipaque 350Iohexol
Omnipaque 70Iohexol
OptisonAlbumin Human
Selenomethionine Se 75Selenomethionine, Se-75
Sodium Iodide, I-123Sodium Iodide, I-123
Sodium Pertechnetate Tc 99MTechnetium Tc-99M Sodium Pertechnetate
Sodium Polyphosphate-Tin KitTechnetium Tc-99M Polyphosphate Kit
Tc 99M-LungaggregateTechnetium Tc-99M Albumin Aggregated Kit
Technetium Tc 99M Diphosphonate-Tin KitTechnetium Tc-99M Etidronate Kit
Technetium Tc 99M GeneratorTechnetium Tc-99M Sodium Pertechnetate Generator
Technetium Tc 99M HASTechnetium Tc-99M Albumin Kit
Technetium Tc 99M MAATechnetium Tc-99M Albumin Aggregated Kit
Technetium Tc 99M MPI MDPTechnetium Tc-99M Medronate Kit
Technetium Tc 99M Sulfur ColloidTechnetium Tc-99M Sulfur Colloid Kit
Technetium Tc 99M TSCTechnetium Tc-99M Sulfur Colloid Kit
Technetium Tc-99M Pentetate KitTechnetium Tc-99M Pentetate Kit
TelepaqueIopanoic Acid
TeslascanMangafodipir Trisodium
Thallous Chloride, Tl 201Thallous Chloride, Tl-201
TheracapSodium Iodide, I-131
Theracap 131Sodium Iodide, I-131
Visipaque 150Iodixanol
Visipaque 270Iodixanol
Visipaque 320Iodixanol
Xenon, Xe 133-V.S.S.Xenon, Xe-133
Xenon, Xe-133Xenon, Xe-133
Yttrium Silicate, Y-90Yttrium, Yt-90

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