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Gerard House

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Gerard House:

Trade names Active ingredients
BiophylinCimicifuga; Jamaica Dogwood; Skullcap; Valerian
Blue Flag Root CompoundIris Versicolor Root; Lappa; Sarsaparilla
FenulinFenugreek; Hydrastis; Slippery Elm
Gerard 99Lupulus; Passion Flower; Valerian
Herbal Powder No. 8Bearberry; Buchu; Couch Grass; Taraxacum Leaf
Iceland Moss CompoundIceland Moss; Liquorice; Lobelia
Lobelia CompoundGum Ammoniacum; Lobelia; Squill
Papaya PlusCharcoal; Hydrastis; Papain; Slippery Elm
Pilewort CompoundCascara; Geum Maculatum; Pilewort; Senna Leaf
Priory Cleansing HerbsFennel; Frangula; Psyllium Seed; Senna Leaf

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