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GOJO Industries

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from GOJO Industries:

Trade names Active ingredients
Antimicrobial Lotion Cream SoapChloroxylenol
Antiseptic Lotion CleanserChloroxylenol
Antiseptic Lotion SoapChlorhexidine Gluconate
CS Antimicrobial Foam SoapChloroxylenol
Dermapro AntimicrobChloroxylenol
Excelon Antibacterial Foam CleanserTriclosan
Gojo Antibacterial Foam Handwash Triclosan LiquidTriclosan
Gojo Antibacterial Luxury Foam HandwashChloroxylenol
Gojo Antibacterial Plum Scent Foam Handwash Triclosan LiquidTriclosan
Gojo Antimicrobial Lotion SoapChloroxylenol
Gojo Antimicrobial Lotion Soap with ChloroxylenolChloroxylenol
Gojo E2 Foam Sanitizing SoapChloroxylenol
Gojo Premium Foam Antibacterial HandwashChloroxylenol
Gojo Ultra Mild Antimicrobial Lotion SoapChloroxylenol
Hand MedicBenzalkonium Chloride
Hfs Antimicrobial Foam Hand Soap with TriclosanTriclosan
IDS Amber Antimicrobial Lotion SoapChloroxylenol
IDS Antimicrobial Lotion SoapChloroxylenol
Medicated Lotion Soap M.L.S.Triclosan
Micrell Antibacterial Foam HandwashChloroxylenol
Micrell Antibacterial Lotion Soap with ChloroxylenolChloroxylenol
Prime Source Antibacterial Foam SoapTriclosan
Prime Source Antimicrobial Foaming Hand Soap with ChloroxylenolChloroxylenol
Primory Antimicrobial Lotion SoapChloroxylenol
Provon Antibacterial Body WashTriclosan
Provon Antimicrobial Lotion Soap with ChloroxylenolChloroxylenol
Provon Antiseptic Lotion Soap with ChlorhexidineChlorhexidine Gluconate
Provon Foaming Antimicrobial Handwash with MoisturizersChloroxylenol
Provon Foaming Medicated Handwash with Triclosan and MoisturizersTriclosan
Provon Medicated Foam Handwash with Advanced MoisturizersTriclosan
Provon Medicated Lotion Soap with ChloroxylenolChloroxylenol
Provon Medicated Lotion Soap with TriclosanTriclosan
Purel Antibacterial Lotion SoapChloroxylenol
Purel Hand SanitizerAlcohol Anhydrous
PurellAlcohol Anhydrous
Purell Hand SanitizerAlcohol Anhydrous
Purell Hand Sanitizer with AloeAlcohol Anhydrous
QFS Antibac Hand SoapChloroxylenol
QFS Antimicrobial Hand Soap with TriclosanTriclosan
Rich Pink AntibacterialChloroxylenol
Septiline II Antimicrobial Lotion SoapChloroxylenol
Signatry Antibacterial Foam CleanserTriclosan
Signatry Antimicrobial Lotion SoapChloroxylenol
Signatry Ultra Antimicrobial Lotion SoapChloroxylenol
Star Brand Antimicrobial Lotion SoapChloroxylenol
Wood Wyant QFS Antimicrobial Hand SoapTriclosan

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