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Hormon-Chemie Munchen

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Hormon-Chemie Munchen:

Trade names Active ingredients
Aminohorm HepaAmino Acids; Electrolytes
Aminohorm PEAmino Acids; Carbohydrates; Electrolytes
Aminohorm PurAmino Acids
Depot-Insulin HormInsulin Injection Bovine crystalline; Protamine Sulfate; Zinc Chloride
Epsilon-TachostyptanAminocaproic Acid; Thromboplastin
EufusolCarbohydrates; Electrolytes
Eufusol M 20Mannitol
Eufusol OP-S 5Electrolytes; Sorbitol
GluronazidIsoniazid Sodium Glucuronate
HamafusalCarbohydrates; Electrolytes
Hormocillin FortePenicillin G Procaine; Penicillin G Sodium
ImbretilHexcarbacholine Bromide
InfunutrinAmino Acids; Carbohydrates; Electrolytes
Infunutrin 10%Amino Acids
Infunutrin EAmino Acids; Electrolytes
Infunutrin KHEAmino Acids; Carbohydrates; Electrolytes
Infunutrin POAmino Acids; Electrolytes
LipohormSoya Oil
Macrohorm 40Dextran 40; Glucose; Sodium Chloride
Macrohorm 70Dextran 70; Sodium Chloride
TIG HormTetanus Immune Globulin

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