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Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Labcatal Laboratoire:

Trade names Active ingredients
Aluminum OligosolAluminum Gluconate
Bismuth OligosolBismuth Gluconate
Cobalt OligosolCobalt (Cobalt Gluconate)
Cuivre OligosolCopper Gluconate
Cuivre-or-Argent OligosolCopper (Copper Gluconate); Gold; Silver (Silver Gluconate)
Fluor OligosolSodium Fluoride
Iode OligosolSodium Iodide
LithiodermLithium Gluconate
Magnesium OligosolMagnesium Gluconate
Manganese OligosolManganese Gluconate
Manganese; Cobalt OligosolCobalt (Cobalt Gluconate); Manganese Gluconate
Manganese; Cuivre OligosolCopper (Copper Gluconate); Manganese Gluconate
Manganese-Cuivre-Cobalt OligosolCobalt (Cobalt Gluconate); Copper (Copper Gluconate); Manganese Gluconate
NeurolithiumLithium Gluconate
Nickel-Cobalt OligosolCobalt (Cobalt Gluconate); Nickel (Nickel Gluconate)
OligocureCopper (Copper Gluconate); Gold Colloidal; Manganese (Manganese Gluconate)
OligodermCopper (Copper Gluconate); Manganese (Manganese Gluconate)
Oligosol AluminiumAluminum (Aluminum Gluconate)
Oligosol BismuthBismuth (Bismuth Gluconate)
Oligosol CobaltCobalt (Cobalt Gluconate)
Oligosol CuivreCopper (Copper Gluconate)
Oligosol Cuivre-Or-ArgentCopper (Copper Gluconate); Gold Colloidal; Silver (Silver Gluconate)
Oligosol Fluor Sol BuvFluorine (Sodium Fluoride)
Oligosol LithiumLithium Gluconate
Oligosol MagnesiumMagnesium (Magnesium Gluconate)
Oligosol ManganeseManganese (Manganese Gluconate)
Oligosol Manganese-CobaltCobalt (Cobalt Gluconate); Manganese (Manganese Gluconate)
Oligosol Manganese-CuivreCopper (Copper Gluconate); Manganese (Manganese Gluconate)
Oligosol Manganese-Cuivre-CobaltCobalt (Cobalt Gluconate); Copper (Copper Gluconate); Manganese (Manganese Gluconate)
Oligosol Nickel-CobaltCobalt (Cobalt Gluconate); Nickel (Nickel Gluconate)
Oligosol PhosphorePhosphorus (Sodium Phosphate Dibasic Dodecahydrate)
Oligosol PotassiumPotassium (Potassium Gluconate)
Oligosol SeleniumSelenium (Sodium Selenite Pentahydrate)
Oligosol SoufreSulfur (Sodium Thiosulfate)
Oligosol ZincZinc (Zinc Gluconate)
Oligosol Zinc-CuivreCopper (Copper Gluconate); Zinc (Zinc Gluconate)
Oligosol Zinc-Nickel-CobaltCobalt (Cobalt Gluconate); Nickel (Nickel Gluconate); Zinc (Zinc Gluconate)
Phosphore OligosolSodium Phosphate Dibasic
Potassium OligosolPotassium Gluconate
Ruboderm PlusCopper (Copper Gluconate); Gluconolactone; Zinc Gluconate
RubozincZinc (Zinc Gluconate)
SelenionSelenium; Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopherol)
Selenium OligosolSelenium (Sodium Selenite)
Soufre OligosolSodium Thiosulfate
Zinc OligosolZinc (Zinc Gluconate)
Zinc; Cuivre OligosolCopper (Copper Gluconate); Zinc (Zinc Gluconate)
Zinc-Nickel-Cobalt OligosolCobalt (Cobalt Gluconate); Nickel (Nickel Gluconate); Zinc (Zinc Gluconate)

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