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Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Labopharma:

Trade names Active ingredients
BuccoteanBetula Leaf; Buchu; Couch Grass; Equisetum; Herniaria; Jaborandi Leaf; Java Tea; Juniper Wood; Liquorice; Ononis; Parietaria Officinalis; Peppermint Leaf; Phaseolus Vulgaris; Pterocarpus Santalinus; Raspberry Leaf; Rose Fruit; Stoechados; Theobroma
Buccotean TFBetula Leaf; Buchu; Couch Grass; Equisetum; Herniaria; Java Tea; Juniper Oil; Liquorice; Parietaria Officinalis; Peppermint Oil; Rose Fruit; Theobroma
NasalgonEchinacea Angustifolia; Ephedrine Hydrochloride; Hydroxyquinoline; Terpin Hydrate
PlacentormonBovine Placental Extract
Rheumex Bath AdditiveAesculus; Arnica; Diethylamine Salicylate; Rosemary Oil
Rheumex CreamBenzyl Nicotinate; Diethylamine Salicylate; Rosemary Oil
Rheumex TeaAniseed; Birch Leaves; Caraway; Coriander; Equisetum; Fennel; Gnaphalium Alba; Juniper; Lovage Root; Meadowsweet; Ononis; Peppermint Oil; Phaseolus Vulgaris; Rose Fruit; Salix; Senna; Stipites Dulcamarae; Taraxacum; Urtica
SuperlaxolSenna Leaf

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