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Maurino Hnos. Laboratorio

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Maurino Hnos. Laboratorio:

Trade names Active ingredients
Bio TearsPolyvinyl Alcohol
ConsilChlorhexidine Gluconate; Polyvinyl Alcohol
Consil CleanMiranol; Norfox
HexidinChlorhexidine Gluconate
HidratagelHydroxyethylcellulose; Surfactants Nonionic
HidratantBenzalkonium Chloride
LentisolPolyvinyl Alcohol
LimectantSodium Lauryl Sulfate
Natura AsepSolution for Soft Contact Lens Care
Natura ClensSolution for Hard and Gas Permeable Contact Lenses
Natura ExpressSolution for Soft Contact Lenses
Natura FreshCarmellose Sodium
Natura PerflexEthoxylated Propylene Glycol
Natura PlusPoloxamine
Natura WetPolyvinyl Alcohol
One StepCatalase; Hydrogen Peroxide
SoquetteBenzalkonium Chloride; Polyvinyl Alcohol
SuavisolSolution for Soft Contact Lenses
TitanSolution for Hard Contact Lenses

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