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Nature's Herbs

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Nature's Herbs:

Trade names Active ingredients
Bronc EaseAlthaea Officinalis; Elm Bark; Horehound; Lobelia Inflata; Verbascum Thapsus; White Pine
Cascara SagradaCascara Sagrada
Digest EaseComfrey; Pepsin
DiurtabBuchu; Cubeba Officinalis; Filipendula Ulmaria; Goldenrod; Juniper Berries; Uva Ursi; Viburnum Opulus; Watermelon
Herbal CalmChamomile; Hops; Ladyslipper; Passion Flower; Valerian
Hops-Valerian CombinationHops; Scullcap; Valerian
Lady Slipper CombinationCatnep; Cimicifuga Racemosa; Hops; Ladyslipper; Scullcap; Valerian
LB FormulaBarberry Root; Cascara Sagrada; Fennel; Rhubarb
RegulaxCascara Sagrada; Hydrastis Canadensis; Rhubarb
Valerian CombinationCimicifuga Racemosa; Hops; Passion Flower; Scullcap; Valerian; Wood Betony
Valerian ExtractValerian

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