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Omsk Pharmaceutical Factory

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Omsk Pharmaceutical Factory:

Trade names Active ingredients
BromenvalHawthorn Tincture; Menthol racemic; Sodium Bromide; Valerian Tincture
Chamomillae Extract FluidChamomile Flowers
Chamomillae FloresChamomile Flowers
Cucurbitae SeminaPumpkin Seed
Juniperi FructusJuniper Fruit
Leonuri Extract FluidMotherwort Herb
Leonuri HerbaMotherwort Herb
Menthae Piperitae FoliaTussilago Farfara Leaf
Menthae Piperitae TincturaPeppermint Oil; Peppermint Tincture
Millefolii HerbaAchillea Millefolium Herb
Orthosiphonis Staminei FoliaOrthosiphonis Stamineus Leaf
PertussinPotassium Bromide; Thymus Serpyllum Herb Extract
Plantaginis Majoris FoliaPlantago Major Leaf
Plantaginis TincturaPlantago Major Leaf
Sennae FoliaCinnamomum Cassia Leaf
Uvae Ursi FoliaBearberry Leaves

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