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Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Oral-B:

Trade names Active ingredients
AmosanSodium Perborate
Amosan, MexicoUrea Hydrogen Peroxide
Amosan, SpainBorax; Sodium Bitartrate
BocasanSodium Perborate
Dental Floss with FluorideSodium Fluoride
Dental Tape with Sodium FluorideSodium Fluoride
FlozengesSodium Fluoride
FluorinseSodium Fluoride
FluretsSodium Fluoride
KavosanSodium Perborate
Minute GelSodium Fluoride
Minute-FoamHydrogen Fluoride; Sodium Fluoride
NeutraCare GrapeSodium Fluoride
NeutraCare MintSodium Fluoride
NeutrafoamSodium Fluoride
OragumCholine Salicylate
Oral-B Anti-Bacterial with FluorideCetylpyridinium Chloride; Sodium Fluoride
Oral-B Antibacterial with Fluoride alcohol freeCetylpyridinium Chloride; Sodium Fluoride
Oral-B Anti-Cavity Dental RinseSodium Fluoride
Oral-B Cavity Prevention FormulaStannous Fluoride
Oral-B Collutorio per la Protezione di Denti e GengiveCetylpyridinium Chloride; Sodium Fluoride
Oral-B Collutorio Protezione Anti-Carie FluorinseSodium Fluoride
Oral-B Dientes Sensibles con FluorPotassium Nitrate; Sodium Fluoride
Oral-B Enjuague BucalCetylpyridinium Chloride; Sodium Fluoride
Oral-B Enjuague Bucal AmosanSodium Bitartrate; Sodium Perborate
Oral-B FluorideSodium Fluoride
Oral-B Minute GelFluorine (Sodium Fluoride)
Oral-B Oral GelCetylpyridinium Chloride; Cineole; Lidocaine; Menthol
Oral-B per Denti SensibiliPotassium Nitrate; Sodium Fluoride
Oral-B Rinsing SolutionStannous Fluoride
Oral-B SensitivePotassium Nitrate; Sodium Fluoride
Oral-B Sensitive with Fluoride ToothpastePotassium Nitrate; Sodium Fluoride
Oral-B Stages Anticavity Fluoride Toothpase Princess Pink Bubble GumSodium Fluoride
Oral-B Stages Anticavity Fluoride ToothpasteSodium Fluoride
Oral-B Stages Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste Galaxy Fruit BlastSodium Fluoride
PlaqacideChlorhexidine Gluconate
Prophy Paste with Fluoride AssortedFluoride (Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride)
Prophy Paste with Fluoride BubblegumFluoride (Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride)
Prophy Paste with Fluoride CherryFluoride (Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride)
Prophy Paste with Fluoride MintFluoride (Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride)
Prophy Paste with Fluoride Tropical FruitsFluoride (Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride)
Sensitive with FluoridePotassium Nitrate; Sodium Fluoride
StopStannous Fluoride

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