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Peter Black Healthcare

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Peter Black Healthcare:

Trade names Active ingredients
CalciaCalcium Carbonate; Iron; Multivitamins
Cold-EezeEchinacea; Garlic
Dragon BalmCamphor; Cinnamon Oil; Eucalyptus Oil; Guaiacol; Menthol; Nutmeg Oil; Peru Balsam; Pine Oil; Thymol; Turpentine Oil
Folic PlusCalcium; Folic Acid; Vitamin D
Gerard House Buchu CompoundBearberry; Buchu; Clivers; Taraxacum
Gerard House CranesbillGeranium Maculatum
Gerard House CurzonDamiana
Gerard House GladlaxAloe; Cnicus Benedictus; Fennel; Valerian
Gerard House Golden Seal CompoundAlthaea Root; Geranium Maculatum; Hydrastis; Taraxacum
Gerard House Helonias CompoundCimicifuga; Helonias; Parsley; Raspberry Leaf
Gerard House LigvitesCimicifuga; Guaiacum; Poplar Bark; Sarsaparilla; White Willow Bark
Gerard House Motherwort CompoundMotherwort; Passion Flower; Tilia Flowers
Gerard House Valerian CompoundJamaica Dogwood; Lupulus; Passion Flower; Skullcap; Valerian; Wild Lettuce
Gerard House WaterlexBearberry; Equisetum; Taraxacum
Heath and Heather BecalmLupulus; Passion Flower; Valerian
Heath and Heather Inner Fresh TabletsFrangula Bark
Heath and Heather Quiet NightLupulus; Passion Flower; Valerian
Heath and Heather Skin TabletsLappa Root; Wild Pansy
Heath and Heather Water Relief TabletsBladderwrack; Clivers; Ground Ivy; Lappa
NatralezeLiquorice; Meadowsweet; Slippery Elm Bark
Night TimeLupulus; Passion Flower; Valerian
Red KoogaGinseng
Red Kooga BetalifeFish Oil; Ginseng; Multivitamins; Selenium
Red Kooga Co-Q-10 and GinsengGinseng; Ubidecarenone
Red Kooga SportGinseng; Glucose; Iron; Multivitamins
RheumasolGuaiacum Resin; Prickly Ash Bark
SeatoneGreen-Lipped Mussel
Sure-LaxPhenolphthalein Yellow
Travel-CapsCalumba; Chamomile; Ginger
YestaminIron; Vitamin B; Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

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