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Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Saninter:

Trade names Active ingredients
DS EmulsionCopper (Copper Pidolate); Zinc Pidolate
EcophaneAmino Acids; Magnesium Oxoproline; Vitamin B; Zinc Gluconate
Epiphane 7Gelatin
FongamilOmoconazole Nitrate
HexaphaneCystine; Gelatin; Vitamin B; Zinc Gluconate
HyfacPiroctone Olamine; Pyrithione Zinc; Vitamin E
Hyfac AHAGlycolic Acid; Malic Acid; Piroctone Olamine
HysekeEnoxolone; Sodium Pidolate; Zinc Pidolate
MycogelCopper (Copper Pidolate); Melaleuca Oil; Zinc Pidolate
PeliphaneMelaleuca Oil; Piroctone Olamine
ReducolGlycerol Triester Oxidised
Roseliane CremeMoisturizer
Roseliane LaitSoap Substitute
SebophaneAbietic Acid; Copper (Copper Pidolate); Zinc Pidolate
Squaphane LotionCade Oil; Malic Acid; Piroctone Olamine
Squaphane ShampooCade Oil; Malic Acid; Piroctone Olamine; Resorcinol
Uriage Ecran Mineral SPF 60Titanium Dioxide; Zinc Oxide
Uriage Ecran Total SPF 20Cinnamate; Dibenzoylmethane; Titanium Dioxide
Uriage Ecran Total SPF 25Cinnamate; Dibenzoylmethane; Titanium Dioxide
Uriage Extreme SPF 60Cinnamate; Titanium Dioxide
Uriage IP 90Octinoxate; Titanium Dioxide; Zinc Oxide
Verlim 3Collodion

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