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Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Stallergenes:

Trade names Active ingredients
AlbeyBee Venom
Albey Venin AbeilleProtein Expressed
Albey Venin Guepe VespulaProtein Expressed
AlhydroxAllergen Extracts
AllergenesAllergen Extracts
AlpareMites Allergen Extract; Pollen Allergen Extracts; Skin Allergen Extract
AlustalAllergen Extracts
AlyostalAllergen Extracts
Alyostal AqueuxAllergen Extracts
Alyostal Venin Abeille A.Mel.Bee Venom
Alyostal Venin Guepe PolistesWasp Venom Poliste
Alyostal Venin Guepe VespulaWasp Venom Vespula
APSI / AQAllergen Extracts
ASADAllergen Extracts
ASAD Pollen 5 Graminees RetardGrass Pollen Allergen Extracts
ASAD Retard Pollen 5 GramineesGrass Pollen Allergen Extracts
CandidineCandida Albicans Antigen
ConjuvacDermatophagoides Pteronyssinus Allergen Extracts; Grass Pollen Allergen Extracts; Tree Pollen Allergen Extracts
Diluant HSA AlbeyUnidentified active ingredients
Diluant Physiologique PhenolePhenol; Sodium Chloride
Diluants H.S.A. des StallergenesAlbumin Serum Human; Phenol; Sodium Chloride
PhostalAllergen Extracts
PollinexGrass Pollen Allergen Extracts; Tree Pollen Allergen Extracts
StallergenesAllergen Extracts
Stallergenes MRVHaemophilus Influenzae; Klebsiella Pneumoniae; Moraxella Catarrhalis; Staphylococcus Albus; Staphylococcus Aureus; Streptococcus Pneumoniae; Streptococcus spp.
StallerpatchAllergen Extracts
StaloralAllergen Extracts
Staloral 300 BirkeBirch Pollen Allergen Extract
Staloral PollenAllergen Extracts Pollen
True Test2-(4-Morpholinothio)benzothiazole; Amyl Cinnamal; Benzocaine; Benzyl Paraben; Bis(1-Piperidylthiocarbonyl)Disulfide; Butylparaben; Chlorquinaldol; Cinnamaldehyde; Cinnamyl Alcohol; Clioquinol; Cobaltous Chloride; Dibucaine Hydrochloride; Diphenylguanidine; Disulfiram; Dithiobis(Benzothiazole); Epoxy Resin; Ethylenediamine Dihydrochloride; Ethylparaben; Eugenol; Geraniol; Hydroxycitronellal; Isoeugenol; Mercaptobenzothiazole; Methylchloroisothiazolinone; Methylparaben; N,N'-Diphenyl-Para-Phenylenediamine; N-Cyclohexyl-2-Benzothiazolesulfenamide; N-Cyclohexyl-N'-Phenyl-Para-Phenylenediamine; Neomycin Sulfate; N-Hydroxymethylsuccinimide; Nickel (Nickel Sulfate); N-Isopropyl-N'-Phenyl-Para-Phenylenediamine; Oak Moss; Peru Balsam; Potassium Dichromate; P-Phenylenediamine; Propylparaben; P-Tert-Butylphenol Formaldehyde Resin; Quaternium-15; Rosin; Tetracaine Hydrochloride; Tetramethylthiuram Monosulfide; Thimerosal; Thiram; Wool Alcohols; Zinc Dibutyldithiocarbamate; Zinc Diethyldithiocarbamate

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