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Stella Pharmaceutical

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Stella Pharmaceutical:

Trade names Active ingredients
Alcohol Free Kolik DropsFennel Oil; Sodium Bicarbonate
AspercremeTriethanolamine Salicylate
Aspercreme Extra StrengthTriethanolamine Salicylate
Chase ColdsorexBenzoin; Camphor; Menthol; Myrrh
Chase Kolik Alcohol Free Gripe WaterFennel Oil; Sodium Bicarbonate
Chase Kolik Gripe WaterAlcohol Anhydrous; Dill Oil; Ginger; Sodium Bicarbonate
Chase Kolik Gripe Water Alcohol-FreeFennel Oil; Sodium Bicarbonate
Creolin DisinfectantPhenol; Substituted Phenols
DexatrimBenzocaine; Carmellose Sodium; Ferrous Fumarate
DoddsSodium Salicylate
Dodds Back EaseAcetaminophen; Methocarbamol
Dodd's Back-Ease Muscle Spasm and Back Pain ReliefAcetaminophen; Methocarbamol
Dodd's Extra StrengthSodium Salicylate
Dodd's Extra Strength Back-EaseAcetaminophen; Methocarbamol
Dodd's Regular StrengthSodium Salicylate
EncareNonoxynol 9
Encare OvalNonoxynol 9
Gin Pain PillsAcetaminophen; Chlorzoxazone
Ice TherapyMenthol
Minard's Joint ReliefMenthol; Methyl Salicylate
Minard's LinimentAmmonium Hydroxide; Camphor; Turpentine
PancuroniumPancuronium Bromide
SleepwellDiphenhydramine Hydrochloride
Slim MintBenzocaine; Methylcellulose
Slim-Mint GumBenzocaine; Methylcellulose
Snap Skin Cleanser NormalHamamelis; Isopropyl Alcohol
Snap Skin Cleanser SensitiveHamamelis
SportscremeTriethanolamine Salicylate

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