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Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Sudmedica:

Trade names Active ingredients
Antifohnon-NEphedrine Hydrochloride; Ethenzamide
AntiphlebinLidocaine Hydrochloride; Quinine Hydrochloride
BioflutinEtilefrine Hydrochloride
Bioflutin-NEtilefrine Hydrochloride
EucardEtofylline; Quinidine
Eucebral-NCyclandelate; Etofylline
Euflat-NCarbo Coffea; Pancreatin Porcine; Papaverine Hydrochloride
Euflux-NCamphor; Pumilio Pine Oil
EupondAloe; Atropine Sulfate; Birch Leaves; Cichorium; Dehydrocholic Acid; Frangula Bark; Ononis; Ox Bile; Parsley; Theobromine
Eupond-FFrangula Bark
EuviterinCaffeine; Lavender Flower; Melissa; Nucleoside; Nucleotide
Gastricholan-LChamomile Flowers; Fennel; Peppermint Leaf
Mes-ActonLiver Extract; Spleen Extract; Thymus Extract
OstocavidCalcium (Calcium Carbonate); Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
OtalgicinXylometazoline Hydrochloride
OtitexDocusate Sodium

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