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The Cantassium Company

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from The Cantassium Company:

Trade names Active ingredients
Adult Ideal QuotaMultiminerals; Multivitamins
Amino PGAmino Acids; Zinc
Best EPAFish Oil
CantamacMultiminerals; Multivitamins
CantapollenBee Pollen; Dolomite
Cantassium DiscsMultiminerals
Cantavite with FFMultiminerals; Multivitamins
CardeyminBromelain; Magnesium Orotate; Potassium Orotate
DigezymeBetaine Hydrochloride; Bromelain; Ox Bile; Pancrelipase; Pepsin
DMG-B15Calcium Gluconate; N,N-Dimethylglycine Hydrochloride
DreamtrimAmino Acids; Multiminerals; Multivitamins
Fat-SolvAlfalfa; Betaine Hydrochloride; Choline Bitartrate; Glutamic Acid Hydrochloride; Inositol; Kelp; Methionine; Vitamin B6
Foresight Iron FormulaCopper (Copper Gluconate); Ferrous Gluconate
GabakalmGamma-Aminobutyric Acid; Multiminerals; Multivitamins
Greenlife FormulaMultiminerals; Multivitamins
Hair NutritionMultiminerals; Multivitamins
Herbal Indigestion NaturtabsCapsicum Oleoresin; Fennel; Myrrh; Papain; Skullcap; Valerian
Herbal Pain ReliefPassion Flower; Salix Bark; Valerian
Indigestion and FlatulenceCapsicum Oleoresin; Fennel; Myrrh; Papain; Valerian
JunamacMultiminerals; Multivitamins
Junior Ideal QuotaMultiminerals; Multivitamins
Kalm-BMultiminerals; Multivitamins
LadymegaMultiminerals; Multivitamins
LibidomegaAmino Acids; Multiminerals; Multivitamins
Lipase-Se EnzymeLipase; Selenium (Yeast)
MangamacManganese Aspartate; Multiminerals; Multivitamins
Megamino MMAmino Acids; Multiminerals
Nail NutritionAmino Acids; Multiminerals; Multivitamins
NatudophilusBifidobacterium Bifidum; Lactobacillus Acidophilus
OceantoneGreen-Lipped Mussel
OctacosanolOctacosanol; Vitamin E
OcutrienMultiminerals; Multivitamins
Quiet DaysLupulus; Skullcap; Valerian
Quiet NiteLettuce; Lupulus; Passion Flower; Valerian
Quiet TymeGentian; Lupulus; Passion Flower; Skullcap; Valerian; Vitamin B
Rheumatic PainCelery; Guaiacum Resin; Menyanthes; Taraxacum
S.P.H.P.Calcium Hypophosphite; Kola; Lecithin; Prostate Gland; Spinal Cord; Vitamin A; Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide); Vitamin D; Wheat Germ
Se-PowerEuphrasia; Myrtillus; Selenium (Yeast); Vitamin A; Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin); Vitamin E; Zinc Gluconate
Skin CleansingClivers; Fumitory; Lappa; Senna
Slimswift Day TrimCarnitine; Chromium (Chromium Orotate); Glutamine; Phenylalanine; Tyrosine; Vitamin B6; Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate)
Slimswift Night TrimL-Glycine; Ornithine; Vegetable Protein Hydrolysate; Vitamin B
SportsmegaMultiminerals; Multivitamins
Sugar BlocChromium (Chromium Orotate); Gymnema Sylvestre
Super GLAGamma-Linolenic Acid (Vegetable Oils)
Trans FracTrans-Ferulic Acid
Travel SicknessGinger
Trufree TabletsMultiminerals; Multivitamins
Woman AddsMultiminerals; Multivitamins

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