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Tisane Provencale Laboratoire

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Tisane Provencale Laboratoire:

Trade names Active ingredients
Hepato SolutinesLavender Flower Aqueous Extract; Rosemary Leaf and Flower Aqueous Extract; Sodium Citrate; Thyme Leaf and Flower Aqueous Extract
OlivalaxOlive Oil; Sennoside B (Senna Alexandria Fruit dry extract)
Provencale N 2Ash Leaf dry extract; Fucus Thallus dry extract; Horsetail Leaves dry extract
Provencale N 4Hawthorn Leading Flowers dry extract; Linden Inflorescence dry extract; Passiflora Leaf dry extract
Tisane Provencale N 1Marshmallow Summit Flowered; Sennoside B (Senna Leaf)
Tisane Provencale N 2Ash Leaf; Fucus Thallus; Heather Flower; Horsetail Aerial Part Sterile; Queen of Flower Meadows
Tisane Provencale N 3Red Vine Leaf; Shepherd Scholarship to Shoot; Witch Hazel Leaf
Tisane Provencale N 4Hawthorn Leading Flowers; Linden Inflorescence; Mint Leaves; Passiflora Leaf; Verbena Leaf
Tisane Provencale N 5Achillee Millefeuille Summit Dried Flowers; Anise Fruit Dried; Coriander Dry Fruit; Thyme Leaf
Tisane Provencale N 6Ash Leaf; Blackcurrant Leaf; Queen of Flower Meadows

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