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Tyson Nutraceuticals

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Tyson Nutraceuticals:

Trade names Active ingredients
Alpha PlusAmino Acids
AminoleteAmino Acids
Amino-Min-DCalcium; Multiminerals; Vitamin D
AminomineAmino Acids
Amino-Opti-CHesperidin; Lemon Bioflavonoids; Rose Hip; Rutin; Vitamin C
Amino-Opti-EVitamin E
AminoplexAmino Acids; Vitamin B
AminosineAmino Acids
AminostasisAmino Acids
AminotateAmino Acids
AminoxinVitamin B6 (Pyridoxal Phosphate)
CatemineTyrosine; Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal Phosphate)
Complex-CHOCarbohydrates (Rice); Fibre; Multiminerals
EFA PlusFatty Acids Essential; Omega-3; Omega-6
EndorphanAmino Acids
MaxoviteMultiminerals; Multivitamins
MVMMultiminerals; Multivitamins
NiaplusVitamin B3 (Nicotinic Acid)
NutroxAmino Acids; Multiminerals; Multivitamins
Oesto-MinsMultiminerals; Multivitamins
ThiamilateVitamin B1 (Thiamine Hydrochloride)
TryptoplexTryptophan; Vitamin B3 (Nicotinic Acid); Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride)
UltracholinePhosphatidylcholine; Phospholipids

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