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Virox Technologies

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Virox Technologies:

Trade names Active ingredients
AccelHydrogen Peroxide
Accel Chemosterilant and High Level DisinfectantHydrogen Peroxide
Accel CS 20Hydrogen Peroxide
Accel HLD 10 Chemosterilant and High Level DisinfectantHydrogen Peroxide
Accel HLD 5Hydrogen Peroxide
Accel Hydrotherapy +Hydrogen Peroxide
Accel Hydrotherapy AHP PlusHydrogen Peroxide
Accel Hydrotherapy Cleaner and DisinfectantHydrogen Peroxide
Accel KDSHydrogen Peroxide
Accel Ready to UseHydrogen Peroxide
Accel TBHydrogen Peroxide
Accel TB WipesHydrogen Peroxide
Butcher's Per CeptHydrogen Peroxide
Butcher's Per Cept RTUHydrogen Peroxide
Butcher's per DiemHydrogen Peroxide
Butcher's Turbulence Cleaner and DisinfectantHydrogen Peroxide
Hydrotherapy Cleaner and DisinfectantHydrogen Peroxide
Hydrox-Hydrogen Peroxide-Based DisinfectantHydrogen Peroxide
Hypercleanse HydrotherapyHydrogen Peroxide
Hypercleanse Ready to UseHydrogen Peroxide
Intervention RTUHydrogen Peroxide
Intervention WipesHydrogen Peroxide
Laboratoire Dr. RenaudHydrogen Peroxide
Optim 33Hydrogen Peroxide
Optim 33 RTUHydrogen Peroxide
Optim 33 TBHydrogen Peroxide
Optim 33 TB WipesHydrogen Peroxide
Optim 44Hydrogen Peroxide
Optim 44 RTUHydrogen Peroxide
Optim 55Hydrogen Peroxide
Optim CSHydrogen Peroxide
Orange Glo Disinfection ControlHydrogen Peroxide
PeroxigardHydrogen Peroxide
Peroxigard Ready-To-UseHydrogen Peroxide
PrevailHydrogen Peroxide
Prevail High Level Disinfectant and ChemosterilantHydrogen Peroxide
Prevention Chemosterilant and High Level DisinfectantHydrogen Peroxide
Prevention ConcentrateHydrogen Peroxide
Prevention HydrotherapyHydrogen Peroxide
Prevention RTUHydrogen Peroxide
Prevention WipesHydrogen Peroxide
RescueHydrogen Peroxide
Rescue Sporicidal LiquidHydrogen Peroxide
Rescue Sporicidal WipesHydrogen Peroxide
Virox 3Hydrogen Peroxide
Virox 5Hydrogen Peroxide
Virox 5 RTU WipesHydrogen Peroxide
Virox 5 SCHydrogen Peroxide
Virox RTU 5Hydrogen Peroxide
Virox STFHydrogen Peroxide

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