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ZLB Behring

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from ZLB Behring:

Trade names Active ingredients
AfluriaInfluenza Vaccine, split virion
AlbuminarAlbumin Human
ArmodermPorcine Skin
AtendAntithrombin III
Beriate PCoagulation Factor VIII
Beriglobina Anti D-PAnti-D Immune Globulin
Beriglobina AntitetTetanus Immune Globulin
Beriglobina PImmune Globulin Normal
Berinert PComplement C1 Esterase Inhibitor
Berinin PCoagulation Factor IX
Beriplast PAprotinin; Calcium Chloride; Coagulation Factor XIII; Fibrinogen; Thrombin Human
Beriplast P CombiAprotinin; Calcium Chloride; Coagulation Factor XIII; Fibrinogen; Thrombin Human
Beriplex P / NCoagulation Factor II Human; Coagulation Factor IX Human; Coagulation Factor VII Human; Coagulation Factor X Human; Protein C; Protein S
Berirab-PGlycine; Immune Globulin Human-Rabies; Sodium Chloride
BioclateCoagulation Factor VIII
CarimuneImmune Globulin Normal
Carimune NFImmune Globulin Human
Fibrogammin PCoagulation Factor XIII
Gammaglob Antihepatitis BPHepatitis B Immune Globulin
Gammaglob AntiteTetanus Immune Globulin
Gammaglobulina Antihepatitis-B BehringHepatitis B Antigen; Proteins Human
Gamma-GlobulineImmune Globulin Normal
Gammar-PImmune Globulin Normal
Gamma-VeninImmune Globulin Normal
Gamma-Venin PImmune Globulin Normal
Gamulin RhAnti-D Immune Globulin
HaemateCoagulation Factor VIII
HaemocomplettanFibrinogen Human
Haemocomplettan PFibrinogen Human
HelixateCoagulation Factor VIII
Kybernin PAntithrombin III
Mini-Gamulin RhAnti-D Immune Globulin
Monoclate-PCoagulation Factor VIII Human
MononineCoagulation Factor IX Human
PentacarinatPentamidine Isethionate
Plasma-PlexPlasma Protein Fraction
Premofil MCoagulation Factor VIII
RedimuneImmune Globulin Normal
Redimune NF LiquidImmune Globulin Normal
RhesogammaAnti-D Immune Globulin
Rhesogamma PAnti-D Immune Globulin
RhophylacImmune Globulin Anti-D Human
SandoglobulinImmune Globulin Human
SandoglobulineImmune Globulin Human
StimateDesmopressin Acetate
Tetagamma PTetanus Immune Globulin
Tetagam-PTetanus Immune Globulin
TetanogammaTetanus Immune Globulin
Tetanogamma PTetanus Immune Globulin
VivaglobinImmune Globulin Human Normal
ZemairaAlpha1-Proteinase Inhibitor

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