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Chapter V

Persistent mood [affective] disorders - F34

Persistent and usually fluctuating disorders of mood in which the majority of the individual episodes are not sufficiently severe to warrant being described as hypomanic or mild depressive episodes. Because they last for many years, and sometimes for the greater part of the patient's adult life, they involve considerable distress and disability. In some instances, recurrent or single manic or depressive episodes may become superimposed on a persistent affective disorder.
F34.0 Cyclothymia
A persistent instability of mood involving numerous periods of depression and mild elation, none of which is sufficiently severe or prolonged to justify a diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder (F31.-) or recurrent depressive disorder (F33.-). This disorder is frequently found in the relatives of patients with bipolar affective disorder. Some patients with cyclothymia eventually develop bipolar affective disorder.
Affective personality disorder
Cycloid personality
Cyclothymic personality
F34.1 Dysthymia
A chronic depression of mood, lasting at least several years, which is not sufficiently severe, or in which individual episodes are not sufficiently prolonged, to justify a diagnosis of severe, moderate, or mild recurrent depressive disorder (F33.-).
  • neurosis
  • personality disorder
    Neurotic depression
    Persistent anxiety depression
    • anxiety depression (mild or not persistent) ( F41.2 )
  • F34.8 Other persistent mood [affective] disorders
    F34.9 Persistent mood [affective] disorder, unspecified

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