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Chapter V

Hyperkinetic disorders - F90

A group of disorders characterized by an early onset (usually in the first five years of life), lack of persistence in activities that require cognitive involvement, and a tendency to move from one activity to another without completing any one, together with disorganized, ill-regulated, and excessive activity. Several other abnormalities may be associated. Hyperkinetic children are often reckless and impulsive, prone to accidents, and find themselves in disciplinary trouble because of unthinking breaches of rules rather than deliberate defiance. Their relationships with adults are often socially disinhibited, with a lack of normal caution and reserve. They are unpopular with other children and may become isolated. Impairment of cognitive functions is common, and specific delays in motor and language development are disproportionately frequent. Secondary complications include dissocial behaviour and low self-esteem.
  • anxiety disorders ( F41.- )
  • mood [affective] disorders ( F30-F39 )
  • pervasive developmental disorders ( F84.- )
  • schizophrenia ( F20.- )
F90.0 Disturbance of activity and attention
Attention deficit:
  • disorder with hyperactivity
  • hyperactivity disorder
  • syndrome with hyperactivity
    • hyperkinetic disorder associated with conduct disorder ( F90.1 )
  • F90.1 Hyperkinetic conduct disorder
    Hyperkinetic disorder associated with conduct disorder
    F90.8 Other hyperkinetic disorders
    F90.9 Hyperkinetic disorder, unspecified
    Hyperkinetic reaction of childhood or adolescence NOS
    Hyperkinetic syndrome NOS

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