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Chapter VI

Paraplegia and tetraplegia - G82

Note: For primary coding, this category is to be used only when the listed conditions are reported without further specification, or are stated to be old or longstanding but of unspecified cause. The category is also for use in multiple coding to identify these conditions resulting from any cause.
  • congenital and infantile cerebral palsy ( G80.- )
G82.0 Flaccid paraplegia
G82.1 Spastic paraplegia
G82.2 Paraplegia, unspecified
Paralysis of both lower limbs NOS
Paraplegia (lower) NOS
G82.3 Flaccid tetraplegia
G82.4 Spastic tetraplegia
G82.5 Tetraplegia, unspecified
Quadriplegia NOS

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