ICD-10 diseases codes online database

Chapter XI

Diseases of oesophagus, stomach and duodenum - K20-K31

The following fourth-character subdivisions are for use with categories K25-K28:
.0 Acute with haemorrhage
.1 Acute with perforation
.2 Acute with both haemorrhage and perforation
.3 Acute without haemorrhage or perforation
.4 Chronic or unspecified with haemorrhage
.5 Chronic or unspecified with perforation
.6 Chronic or unspecified with both haemorrhage and perforation
.7 Chronic without haemorrhage or perforation
.9 Unspecified as acute or chronic, without haemorrhage or perforation
  • K20 Oesophagitis
  • K21 Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease
  • K22 Other diseases of oesophagus
  • K23* Disorders of oesophagus in diseases classified elsewhere
  • K25 Gastric ulcer
  • K26 Duodenal ulcer
  • K27 Peptic ulcer, site unspecified
  • K28 Gastrojejunal ulcer
  • K29 Gastritis and duodenitis
  • K30 Dyspepsia
  • K31 Other diseases of stomach and duodenum

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