ICD-10 diseases codes online database

Chapter XIII

Infectious arthropathies - M00-M03

Note: This block comprises arthropathies due to microbiological agents.

Distinction is made between the following types of etiological relationship:
a. direct infection of joint, where organisms invade synovial tissue and microbial antigen is present in the joint;
b. indirect infection, which may be of two types: a reactive arthropathy , where microbial infection of the body is established but neither organisms nor antigens can be identified in the joint, and a postinfective arthropathy , where microbial antigen is present but recovery of an organism is inconstant and evidence of local multiplication is lacking.
  • M00 Pyogenic arthritis
  • M01* Direct infections of joint in infectious and parasitic diseases classified elsewhere
  • M02 Reactive arthropathies
  • M03* Postinfective and reactive arthropathies in diseases classified elsewhere

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