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Chapter XIII

Osteomyelitis - M86

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Use additional code (B95-B97), if desired, to identify infectious agent.
  • osteomyelitis (of):
  • due to salmonella ( A01-A02 )
  • jaw ( K10.2 )
  • vertebra ( M46.2 )
M86.0 Acute haematogenous osteomyelitis
M86.1 Other acute osteomyelitis
M86.2 Subacute osteomyelitis
M86.3 Chronic multifocal osteomyelitis
M86.4 Chronic osteomyelitis with draining sinus
M86.5 Other chronic haematogenous osteomyelitis
M86.6 Other chronic osteomyelitis
M86.8 Other osteomyelitis
Brodie's abscess
M86.9 Osteomyelitis, unspecified
Infection of bone NOS
Periostitis without mention of osteomyelitis

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