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Chapter XIV

Female genital prolapse - N81

  • genital prolapse complicating pregnancy, labour or delivery ( O34.5 )
  • prolapse and hernia of ovary and fallopian tube ( N83.4 )
  • prolapse of vaginal vault after hysterectomy ( N99.3 )
N81.0 Female urethrocele
  • urethrocele with:
  • cystocele ( N81.1 )
  • prolapse of uterus ( N81.2-N81.4 )
N81.1 Cystocele
Cystocele with urethrocele
Prolapse of (anterior) vaginal (wall) NOS
  • cystocele with prolapse of uterus ( N81.2-N81.4 )
N81.2 Incomplete uterovaginal prolapse
Prolapse of cervix NOS
Uterine prolapse:
  • first degree
  • second degree
  • N81.3 Complete uterovaginal prolapse
    Procidentia (uteri) NOS
    Third degree uterine prolapse
    N81.4 Uterovaginal prolapse, unspecified
    Prolapse of uterus NOS
    N81.5 Vaginal enterocele
    • enterocele with prolapse of uterus ( N81.2-N81.4 )
    N81.6 Rectocele
    Prolapse of posterior vaginal wall
    • rectal prolapse ( K62.3 )
    • rectocele with prolapse of uterus ( N81.2-N81.4 )
    N81.8 Other female genital prolapse
    Deficient perineum
    Old laceration of muscles of pelvic floor
    N81.9 Female genital prolapse, unspecified

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