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Chapter XIV

Fistulae involving female genital tract - N82

  • vesicointestinal fistulae ( N32.1 )
N82.0 Vesicovaginal fistula
N82.1 Other female urinary-genital tract fistulae
  • cervicovesical
  • ureterovaginal
  • urethrovaginal
  • uteroureteric
  • uterovesical
  • N82.2 Fistula of vagina to small intestine
    N82.3 Fistula of vagina to large intestine
    Rectovaginal fistula
    N82.4 Other female intestinal-genital tract fistulae
    Intestinouterine fistula
    N82.5 Female genital tract-skin fistulae
  • uterus to abdominal wall
  • vaginoperineal
  • N82.8 Other female genital tract fistulae
    N82.9 Female genital tract fistula, unspecified

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