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Chapter XIV

Excessive, frequent and irregular menstruation - N92

  • postmenopausal bleeding ( N95.0 )
N92.0 Excessive and frequent menstruation with regular cycle
Heavy periods NOS
Menorrhagia NOS
N92.1 Excessive and frequent menstruation with irregular cycle
Irregular intermenstrual bleeding
Irregular, shortened intervals between menstrual bleeding
N92.2 Excessive menstruation at puberty
Excessive bleeding associated with onset of menstrual periods
Pubertal menorrhagia
Puberty bleeding
N92.3 Ovulation bleeding
Regular intermenstrual bleeding
N92.4 Excessive bleeding in the premenopausal period
Menorrhagia or metrorrhagia:
  • climacteric
  • menopausal
  • preclimacteric
  • premenopausal
  • N92.5 Other specified irregular menstruation
    N92.6 Irregular menstruation, unspecified
  • bleeding NOS
  • periods NOS
    • irregular menstruation with:
    • lengthened intervals or scanty bleeding ( N91.3-N91.5 )
    • shortened intervals or excessive bleeding ( N92.1 )

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