ICD-10 diseases codes online database

Chapter XVI

Other perinatal digestive system disorders - P78

  • neonatal gastrointestinal haemorrhages ( P54.0-P54.3 )
P78.0 Perinatal intestinal perforation
Meconium peritonitis
P78.1 Other neonatal peritonitis
Neonatal peritonitis NOS
P78.2 Neonatal haematemesis and melaena due to swallowed maternal blood
P78.3 Noninfective neonatal diarrhoea
Neonatal diarrhoea NOS
  • neonatal diarrhoea NOS in countries where the condition can be presumed to be of infectious origin ( A09 )
P78.8 Other specified perinatal digestive system disorders
Congenital cirrhosis (of liver)
Peptic ulcer of newborn
P78.9 Perinatal digestive system disorder, unspecified

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